Wait, When Did We Solve the Debt Crisis?

Well smack my face and call me Rip Van Winkle, because I must have been sleeping. Otherwise I wouldn’t have missed the fact that we’ve solved the debt crisis.

We have solved the debt crisis, haven’t we? The Gang of Six actually made a meaningful proposal that was accepted by everyone? Obama didn’t veto the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill? All those seniors are going to get their Social Security checks come August 3, right?

I mean, if that’s not the case, how could our President in good conscience pour millions of our tax dollars into new and unnecessary departments like the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? And new arts initiatives like “Champions of Change“?

And he surely wouldn’t be taking yet another vacation, this one at the swanky Blue Heron Farm on Martha’s Vinyard if this crisis had not yet passed, right?

No, no, this crisis must be over. Otherwise every Republican in Congress would be locked in solidarity against such ridiculous and extraneous expenditures; and they’d be offering plans to solve the problem, as well as demanding to hear ideas from their Democrat counterparts, as well as the President. Wouldn’t they?

Wouldn’t they?



2 Responses to Wait, When Did We Solve the Debt Crisis?

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    • Edmund Findlen says:

      Why are you such a hater? President Obama is doing everything in his power to make sure he doesn’t interfere with the process. As such, he is voting “Present” rather than actually commiting to taking an active role… he’s doing this because he knows all you “Haters” out there will find fault with his proposed solutions, no matter how many trillions of additional dollars he spends.

      He’s even going away to Martha’s Vineyard (which, according to Obama is, I believe, the 53rd of the 57 states) just so he won’t be anywhere near Washington and have a negative impact on the hard work that needs to be done. He HAS announced, however, that SHOULD Congress actually come up with a workable plan, he’s MORE than willing to come back early and address the American people (taking full credit for the work of Congress, of course)..

      My goodness! What MORE can a man GIVE to his country! Where is your acknowledgement for his great sacrifices??? Do you have any idea how HOT it is on Martha’s VIneyard right now? He, Mooche-elle and the kids are gonna need to eat a LOT of Ice Cream just to help fight the effects of Global Warming, And you people just don’t see his Greatness! Oh the humanity…

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