Sign of the Times

A really pathetic example of what passes for acceptable behavior today.

Disgusting conduct from an adult who should know better.

Hey lady,  next time, pick on someone your own size. I hope it’s me.


H/T: Wizbang


One Response to Sign of the Times

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    As a further sign of the times, had that been at game 7 between Vancouver and the Boston Bruins, that woman probably wouldn’t have made it out of the arena alive.

    At a ball game a few years ago, I was with my girlfriend and some friends when a foul ball came back towards us. I reached up and the ball hit my hand with such force it bounced up and came down right in front of me. A jerk from the NEXT SECTION knocked my girlfriend’s beer all over her as he literally DOVE over her to get to the ball which was by my feet.

    I never saw the guy coming but as I bent over to pick up the ball, he slid in and knocked me out into the aisle, grabbed the ball and then held it up so the TV camera would capture him for posterity. However, those people around us (which included my friends) loudly booed the jerk, but he didn’t care.

    I still hadn’t seen what happened with my girlfriend’s beer until one of my other friends said, “The least you should do is apologize to (her name) and buy her another beer.” It was then that I noticed my girlfriend was soaked in beer.

    I looked the guy in the eye and said, “Did you do that to my girlfriend?” He simply said, “I dunno” and headed back to his section with his souvenir. When my friend again suggested an apology and a replacement beer, the jerk flipped my friend off.

    Bad move. My friend is about 6’8″ and is severely allergic to jerks. He took his own beer (which, as I recall was about 80% full) and walked over to the guy who was sitting in an aisle seat in the section adjacent to us. To this day, I remember my friend’s words. He said (to the jerk), “If you’re too big of an a**hole to apologize and buy her another beer, you can give her mine.” The jerk apparently realized his actions hadn’t gone unnoticed and the incident was about to take a real big U-turn for the worse, so he agreed to do that and reached for the beer. But my friend delivered the beer to him by pouring it over the his head. If the moron was even thinking of responding, the crowd’s roaring approval probably swayed his thinking. Or maybe it was my 6’8″ friend’s imposing size. Doesn’t matter. SOMETIMES people like the heiffer in the above video get their just rewards.

    That said, had that little girl in the above video been my daughter, The ball WOULD have been returned to her (WITH AN APOLOGY) by that sad excuse of a woman. I don’t condone violence especially against women, but then again, that was a rather violent take-away from that child. Oh screw it: That bitch needs a high 5 across her face.

    And I don’t drink beer.

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