It’s Way Too Late To Do The Right Thing

“The right thing.” “Do the right thing.” Many news sources are reporting with relief that Congressman Anthony Weiner finally did the right thing Monday at his press conference.

They are wrong.

The act of doing the right thing is perishable. It has a statute of limitations. Just as you only get one chance to make a good first impression, you get one chance to do the right thing. If you miss that opportunity, everything else is just playing catch-up.

If you allow that opportunity to pass you by, and then try to cover it up, your subsequent ability to do the “right thing” decreases to zero. If you lie about it, knowingly ensnare good people into supporting you, and vilify your accusers for a week, you will never, ever be able to “do the right thing”.

At that point, the very best you can hope for is that your wife doesn’t promptly divorce you, your constituents are either stupid or forgiving, your Congressional boss doesn’t throw you under the bus, and that there aren’t any more damning tweets, facebook posts, or photos out there just waiting to emerge from some new hitherto unknown stripper or masseuse or nubile schoolgirl.

Rep. Weiner had a great chance to do the right thing, and many subsequent occasions simply to make things right after the fact. At any time, he could have ceased sending lewd messages and photos to young women he had never met. He could have stopped when he got married. He could have come clean when that first thread began to unravel. In each case, he chose not to do so.

By taking the very lowest road he could find, he didn’t save his reputation; he didn’t necessarily save his job or his marriage or his position with his constituents; he didn’t even save face. He did, however, save what was most important to him–his own useless tail.

I feel no pity for Anthony Weiner. Everything that has happened to him he brought on himself. And by his actions, he has proven himself to be exactly what he (inadvertently) showed us all: a dick and a weiner. I say, let him roast.



One Response to It’s Way Too Late To Do The Right Thing

  1. Edmund Findlen says:

    The sadder commentary: A poll showed that only 43 percent of his constituents say they would definitely prefer to see him gone.

    He may be a dick and a weiner… but if that poll is anywhere near accurate, it means the majority of his constituents seem to have found an even lower road to follow: One that accepts Weiner’s activities and doesn’t have enough character (individually or as a group) to say, “You’re a disgrace! You don’t deserve to represent horse manure, let alone US!”

    How the HELL did America sink to this level of acceptance? More to the point, the bigger question is, “Is it too late for ‘We The People’ to do the right thing?

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