Presidential Math, or The Obama Mandate

In his campaign speech earlier this week in El Paso, President Obama claimed credit for making our southern border the best border ever, by doing lots of good stuff, like adding more border agents and finishing the border fence. In fact, the President went so far as to say this

” They wanted a fence. Well, that fence is now basically complete.” [Emphasis mine

Hmmm. If it’s true, as President Obama said  that the fence across our southern border is “basically complete,” let’s see what kind of math that equates to in other areas of Presidential endeavor.

670 miles of completed fence divided by an entire border of 2,000 miles. That gives us a baseline definition:
“Basically complete” = 33% done.

By that standard, we could say that joblessness is basically solved: 33% of the current unemployment rate of 9% gives us a basically complete unemployment rate of 3%. Wow! We haven’t seen anything close to that since 1969!

We could say that our looming energy crisis is basically averted: with average gasoline prices well over $4/gallon, we’re basically paying 33% of that, or $1.40. We’re golden!

And while we can’t actually say that the budget crisis is solved, $4.6 trillion sounds a heck of a lot more solvable that $14 trillion, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. By President Obama’s “basically complete” mandate, we can say with confidence that Obama’s presidency is more than basically complete. It’s over and above complete, and past time for him to get out of the White House.

After all, who would dare argue with Presidential Math!


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