Birth Certificate Released… What Else Will Drop Today?

OK first things first… Here it is :

The New And Improved Birth Certificate


Birthers everywhere will be celebrating… then wondering what to do with the rest of their lives.  Donald Trump is already strutting like a peacock, claiming credit for its release.

With all the fanfare of a British Wedding, the media announced the release of what is purported to be the actual long-form Birth Certificate of Barack Obama.

So what’s wrong with this picture? As Glenn Beck would say, “Watch the OTHER Hand.” Beck is convinced Obama will once again use one significant event to draw attention away from something of even more significance. Perhaps. We will have to wait and see.

Beck could be right: Ben Benanke is scheduled to give the first press conference EVER by the Fed later today. What could possibly go wrong there?  Well, the bonds market is closing early today… just prior to Benanke’s speech. Does that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

Either way, the Birth Certificate issue SHOULD BE PUT TO REST ONCE AND FOR ALL.

This just in from the Republican Party:

To: Donald Trump
From: Republican Party
Date: April 27th, 2011

In order to be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, you have to be someone who can address serious issues while being able to avoid attempts by the left to discredit you. In this case, you were played by Barack Obama like a cheap harmonica.

Donald? You’re Fired.

Gerry Ashley

6 Responses to Birth Certificate Released… What Else Will Drop Today?

  1. PSL Jim says:

    Now it is on to authenticating and forensic analysis. Then to the real question of whether he is a Natural Born Citizen. This Certificate says he is not. This guy is a complete fraud. Father not or ever was a citizen. So Barry Soetoro is toast. Thank you Donald Trump! You, in singled handed fashion (If the certificate is indeed genuine) stopped the diversion, which would have gone on until just before the 2012 election. Now we have plenty of time to examine the real issue of Natural Born Citizen.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Jim, I’m not sure I agree with you, but one thing is for sure: This will undoubtedly draw attention away from Bernanke’s presser.

      I was apparently wrong in thinking this issue would be put to rest. Upon closer inspection, it would appear that this is only generating more questions rather than solving one. Birthers are not going to let this go. There’s already talk about whether this is a oounterfeit document.

      Then there is the issue as to how is it Barack Obama allegedly got a scholarship for “FOREIGN STUDENTS” by claiming his citizenship was Indonesian? Did he change from American to Indonesian and then back again? Wouldn’t that negate the Natural Born Citizen status? Or did he knowingly LIE on the document in order to get free money for College?

      Here’s a NEW wrinkle: Is the reason Barack Obama is fighting so hard to keep his college records hidden because the records confirm his claim of Indonesian citizenship?

      Wow, this conspiracy stuff is intoxicating!

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  3. Tom says:

    Hi Gerry, Not sure why this release would satisfy anybody, since it is merely the same document that has been available on his campaign website since way back, and is NOT a birth certificate, nor does it purport to be. See the title of the document itself, “Certificate of Live Birth”. As I understand it, they are two completely different documents, proclaiming two different things: 1) that so and so was born in a certain place on a certain day and time, attested to by a doctor,, etc., and 2) that so and so is a live child, and info given by the responsible adult is entered on the document, giving that child official status of being in that stated place. If I’m wrong about this, I’m all ears, however, I don’t believe that “Cert of Live Birth” has ever been recognized as the same as a Birth Certificate. There is nothing about Barry Soetoro that should give any of us confidence in his history, since he and his minions have repeatedly blocked access to official records, whether in Hawaii or the schools he attended.
    For those people who want to rush to the conclusion that the “birther” mentality is just a disguise for racism, I was equally appalled by the dismal credentials of John Kerry and his military and post military activities, and would have been equally dismayed had he triumphed. By the way, in the strictest definition of natural born, John McCain did not qualify either, having been born in a hospital off base in Panama. He, however, was deemed qualified by a vote of the Senate, in which Barry Soetoro also said “aye”.
    No, the birthers aren’t going away, nor should they. He is a fraud, but worse than that he is a fraud that daily shames the very Constitution he swore to uphold. Too bad there is nobody in either house with enough huevos to impeach him. Too bad, too, that the so called mainstream press tossed their credibility away long ago. Had they done their job, this cretin and many others would never have been in any position to damage our economy, our international status, or our collective identity as Americans.

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