Are You Smarter Than Your Congress? Prove It!


Looks like our elected officials are failing at all sorts of things. Latest on the FAIL list is knowledge of the Constitution. Since many are required to swear (or affirm) an oath to uphold that document, you’d think that they’d know a bit about it. But then again, you might also think that most U.S. citizens would know at least a bit about what’s in the Constitution, right?

But you’d be wrong on both counts, of course. As HotAir reports:

“The bad news: the general public gets an F, with just a 49% average on the 33-question civics test.  The worse news: those who identified themselves as public officeholders scored an average of five points worse than the general public…”

But before you scoff too hard at our officials, here’s a warning: it’s actually a challenging quiz! I zoomed through and expected to get 33 out of 33 correct. To my mortification, I missed three questions!

Here’s the link. You take the quiz and then see how smart you feel. On the other hand, you’re sure to do better than our elected officials.

You could hardly do worse.



5 Responses to Are You Smarter Than Your Congress? Prove It!

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    I did about the same as you on my lunch-break, Stoutcat. While I’m disappointed that I missed a couple, I do wonder how Herr Obama would do… and if he assumes the Constitution was ratified by all 57 states?

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  3. Sissy Willis says:

    Woo hoo! 32 out of 33! 🙂

  4. whisdt says:

    i got 84%, and i’m in eigth grade

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