Bring Me the Head of… Julian Assange?


The best I can say about the intelligence breach that is Wikileaks, and the President’s poor performance regarding this third massive classified document dump, is to quote Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection, who correctly identified the type of letter that should have been sent to Julian Assange:

Dear Wikileaks,

If you publish any more material we will hunt you down no matter the cost, and you either will be killed while resisting arrest or you will spend the rest of your lives in solitary confinement in a Supermax prison, where the highlight of your day will be 1 hour spent in a cage instead of your cell.  Don’t look up, that sound of propellers in the air is not a Predator drone.

Harold Koh

Of course, that was not the letter that was sent. Instead, Mr. Koh sent a sternly-worded missive with threats of swift retribution pathetic plea to Assange to return the documents because publishing them would be bad.

If this weren’t so dangerous to our national security, it would be a joke, which is what America is swiftly becoming in the eyes of the world. We need to address this breach with authority and swift justice. Now.

Or as commenter “turfmann” at Legal Insurrection wrote:

“…I am quite sure that a certain housewife from Wasilla, AK, should she have been president right now, would find this SOB herself if need be. She could hunt him down, dress him in the field, put his antlers on the wall of the Oval Office and we could all watch it on The Learning Channel, Sunday night at 9:00. No facebook post would have been necessary.”

I could live with that.


3 Responses to Bring Me the Head of… Julian Assange?

  1. Jamie says:

    Hunting down Julian Assange, how predictable is this, the man and his site have now been accused of being “terrorists” and should be hunted down killed or sentenced to life imprisonment. If any real info about how he and Wikileaks have put lives in danger was released, i might be inclined to treat this rant with more respect, but since the u.s will not negotiate about document leaks, just stop doing them leads me to believe its a smokescreen excuse to get the radicals to hunt him and in future people they believe are threats to national security like common criminals. Sorry but i wont buy into the hype of having a witch hunt of whistleblowers or the lame nonchalant attitude of people who say wikileaks is only releasing things we already knew, this story is as inspired and informative as Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

    • Cheech says:

      In a perfect world, I might be inclined to agree with you, but the fact is, this is a far from perfect world, and people like Jamie are just too naive to get the significance of what’s going down.

      Dude, there are people out there using every dirty trick in the book to take down the country you and I live in so comfortably compared to them. It’s nothing more than penis envy. We have, but they don’t. So rather than make the effort to lift their societies UP to our level, they see it as much simpler (and quicker) to tear us down to their miserable level of wallowing.

      When that’s the kind of enemy you’re dealing with, sometimes you need to employ stealth tactics. And while folks like you sit so high and mighty in judgement of your own country, just try keeping this in mind: Your type will probably be the first to piss and moan when we’re attacked, whining, “Why wasn’t more done to protect me and my family???” Just remember then that we did. And when some piss-ant who knows how to hack into computers did so and was able to gain access to tons of information that enabled him to rise to the top of the heap o’ creeps, he chose to do just that… and it was at the expense of OUR country. If you’re so happy to see us exposed, why not spend a little time living in some of those other countries and see how fast you come running back, looking for the comfort of Arby’s, HDTV, cable and COLD Budweiser.

      In short, what Julian Assange is nothing more than a piss-ant who has committed acts against the safety and protection of the United States. If I were to find him, I think he’d wish some Marines got to him first.

      But continue to play the holier-than-thou card. You’re bound to have impressed someone.



      Nope. Guess I was wrong there.

  2. Jon Miller says:

    “If I were to find him, I think he’d wish some Marines got to him first.”

    Oh shit Julian. This tough e-badass is coming for you. Better lock your internet doors and windows before he gets ya…

    Or ELSE!

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