NEWSFLASH: Harvard History Dominated by White Males

On what was clearly a slow news day, the Boston Sunday Globe delivered the shocking details (front page, above the fold) of Harvard’s horrifying lack of diversity… in its Hall of Portraiture.

In a dramatic report, Globe staffer Tracy Jan pours on the prose:

“In this ornate meeting room adorned with crystal chandeliers, Greek columns, and Oriental carpets hang images of Harvard’s most venerable figures — row upon row of stone-faced alumni, professors, and presidents. They are mostly men; all are white.”

Does this really come as a shock to anyone? Frankly, the real surprise to me is that this is a fairly recent effort. From the same article:

“Groundwork for the minority-portraiture project was laid by a group of minority students who surveyed the portraits hanging in university buildings in 2000. They expressed their concern about the lack of diversity to Sandra Grindlay, then-curator of the university portrait collection.

“’They were just looking around and feeling like they could not identify with this institution that had this kind of materials on the walls…'” [emphasis mine]

Amazing. These kids went to Harvard without actually realizing that the university was founded, staffed, and attended by mostly white males during most of its 364-year history. They simply can’t identify with that. Well then perhaps they shouldn’t have gone through the application process and be paying upwards of $50,000 per year to attend.

Wait a minute, what does that remind me of? Oh yes! It reminds me of the cluelessness of a man who went through an incredibly rigorous two-year job application process, had no inkling as to what the job entailed, had to convince a large number of people to hire him, and, once hired, spent the first two years of his (hopefully short) tenure blaming everyone but himself for the problems he encountered on the job.

But I digress. I have no problem with Harvard deciding to add more portraits of students of high achievement, or faculty and staff of great merit to its galleries. I do find it sad that Harvard feels it necessary to judge those worthies by the color of their skin or by their gender, rather than by the content of their accomplishments.

In ways large and small, political correctness will end up killing this country.



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