Give NPR Your Two Cents’ Worth

After the firing of Juan Williams, NPR CEO Vivian Schiller inadvertently let us all know the real reason she was sorry about the whole debacle:

“We’re profoundly sorry that this happened during fundraising week.” [emphasis mine]

Yeah, she said that. Classy, eh?

But don’t let NPR believe that you’re not thinking of their plight during their fundraising. Give them your two cents. Literally.

Because, honestly, that’s about all they’re worth these days.



4 Responses to Give NPR Your Two Cents’ Worth

  1. Patriot Angel says:

    I won’t even waste a 44 cent stamp and the price of a check for that! Just pass on my comment that they are completely worth LESS!

  2. John Dalpe says:

    This also shows just how hypocritically left NPR is. When Barack Obama threw his grandmother under the bus, calling her a “typical white person,” did NPR even suggest that to be a racist comment? Nope.

    The ideologically bankrupt and politically correct losers who run NPR really stuck their foot in it. But I think it’s a combination of things.

    Yes, it’s fund-raising time for NPR and, perhaps they are expecting a large check from Osama bin Laden and friends and therefore had to make sure they are seen as Terrorist Friendly and just Anti-American enough to warrant their support.

    Maybe George Soros said JUMP! Or Maybe they simply saw this as a way to get rid of an embarrassment: a commentator who also appears on the FOX network.

    Either way, once again, the liberal cognoscenti have once again shot themselves in the foot.

    Great idea, Stoutcat! Let’s all send NPR a check for 2 cents. And let ’em know why! I believe they are required to send out some sort of acknowledgment of having receive a donation to their non-profit group. The postage alone will be many times what they are taking in.

    Put those pompous popinjays in their place!

  3. Robbins Mitchell says:

    Vivian Schiller

  4. Best10 says:

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