Out of the Blue (State)

As a follow-up to my post of yesterday on the shenannigans of Massachusetts policicians (and their spouses), here’s another Blue State pol, albeit at a more local level, who must think that Mass voters are stupid.

Suzanne Bump is the former Secretary of Labor and Economic Development for MA Gov. “Coupe” Deval Patrick, and the current Dem nominee for State Auditor in Massachusetts. She and her husband own two homes. One is in the western Mass town of Housatonic, and the other is in South Boston. Somehow, Ms. Bump has deluded herself into thinking that she can register both homes as primary residences.

Mind you, she claims that she is following both the letter and the spirit of the law when claiming that:

  1. Her South Boston residence is her “principal” residence, and apparently has received tax reduction available for such residences since 2006 (which has saved her nearly $6,000); and
  2. Her Housatonic home is her “primary” residence, and has been since 2002, when she registered to vote there, thereby avoiding the extra assessment on non-resident home-owners. This has saved her $300-$400 per year.

While Ms. Bump apparently sees no discrepancy in this duplicity, her first instinct when asked about it was to deny all knowledge of it:

“Last Saturday, when the Globe first asked Bump why she and her husband claimed a residential tax break in Boston, as well, she said she had no knowledge of it.”

After more mature reflection, however, she changed her story:

“A few minutes later, she said: “It is reasonable to expect that at the time the decision was made, I was aware of it. But years later, I don’t recall the details.’

The chutzpah is amazing. Year after hear, Ms. Bump and her husband have claimed money on two separate primary/principal residences, and yet not only does she not recall the details, but she is sure she is well within the law in her actions in scamming as much money as she can out of a state that is nearly broke.

This is the woman who wants to be our State Auditor. She’s either a genius or an idiot. I’m just not sure which.



3 Responses to Out of the Blue (State)

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    “She’s either a genius or an idiot. I’m just not sure which.”

    I disagree. She’s neither. She’s a scum-sucking bottom feeder who scams her way through life. When people like that are able to ascend to a position of power (either political or business) they merely broaden the size of the trough they feed at.

    In no uncertain terms: This person should be banned from holding political office. Once upon a time in America, the shame of her actions would have forced her to drop out of any election based on the public outcry. How much outcry will this bring forth? My guess is not much in Good ol’ Liberal ‘Tax-a-chew-setts.’

    You now have the truth on her: She’s one of the politicians in Massachusetts that walks around with her hand in YOUR pockets. And she never pulls it out empty.

    So what are you gonna do now, Bay State voters? You have a track record of electing officials who screw you like a drunken slut at a fraternity party. And like the slut, you keep going back for more (how many terms did Ted Kennedy serve?). Your liberal politicians implement public program after public program, making it look like they are concerned, but you are the ones who end up paying for it, while the politicians provide themselves with loopholes and exemptions. Can you say, “Barney Frank?”

    You get the politicians you elect. So it’s time to get a clue, Massachusetts voters. She’s been CHEATING on her taxes for years, while YOU have been held accountable to pay YOUR taxes. Why would you want to give this person the position of State Auditor? Would you put a fox in charge of security of your chicken coop too? WAKE UP.

    You know, for a state that has so many primo universities and institutes of higher learning, you sure do have a bunch of ignorant voters. No, she’s not a genius or an idiot. She’s just a scum-sucking bottom feeder (aka liberal politician) who appears to be auditioning for Tim Gaithner’s job. And she’ll probably get it.

  2. Josie says:

    Forgive me, Gerry, but you sound more like a stupid liberal than an educated partner in Grand Rants. Your language, especially the 3rd sentence and repeated in the second last really is shabby and uncouth. Just like most liberals!

  3. Doug says:

    Our schools here have very strict anti-profanity and slur rules. so as our kids would say, “forget that pedestrian” 😉

    All may not be lost. Here in Delaware the more Chris Coons tries to tell folks he’s distant from Obama and the more the media pillories O’Donnell the tighter that race is getting.

    Still may not get O’Donnell elected, but there are rays of hope that may indicate folks are waking up.

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