Charles Krauthammer: Half Right

Just about a year ago, I disagreed with one of my idols, Charles Krauthammer. In a discussion about healthcare, he had stated that insuring the uninsured was a moral imperative; I took him to task for that.

Well, as of late last week, much to my chagrin, I must disagree with him again. While we here were engrossed with the impending non-disaster that was Hurricane Earl, Charles Krauthammer was discussing the outlook for the impending disaster that will be the mid-term elections, and he made the point that, while people are angry with President Obama, they’re likely to vent that ire on all the incumbent Democrats in November:

He is spot on about the arrogance and contempt shown by the Democrats; absolutely spot on; and the voters will be ready for them come November. However, he leaves fully half of the equation completely unmentioned. And that is the arrogance of the GOP old guard:

“When given the chance this election season, Republican voters are tossing out hidebound incumbents and ushering in new blood, sending a signal to the GOP establishment that the flip-flopping and rampant spending of the latter Bush years won’t be tolerated…

“Whether the GOP newbies win in November isn’t the point. The turnover shows that Republican voters aren’t just upset about Obama and Democrats. Instead, they’re demanding principled conservative behavior from members of their party as well.”

The New York Post is correct. And it shouldn’t seem like too much to expect, principled conservative behavior from Republican Congressmen. But feathers in the caps of Tea Partiers and Mama Grizzlies (including Joe Miller, Marco Rubio, and Sharron Angle, to name but a few) suggest that the battle on the right side of the aisle is being hard fought. And as Sissy Willis pointed out recently in response to Joe Miller’s unlikely win up in Alaska against the embedded incumbent, old boys’ gal Lisa Murkowski:

And now Miller, indeed. The darkhorse candidate’s likely win — to be determined after absentee ballots are counted starting next week — caught incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski and the effete elites of the NRSC off guard in Tuesday’s Alaska primary. Shellshocked, Murkowski “lawyered up” in anticipation of the NRSC’s doing whatever it took to assure the final count went her way. The will of the people was never on the table. As Johnny Rocco said in Key Largo:

How many of these guys in office owe everything to me? I made them.

Unfortunately for the Johnny Roccos of the GOP, the old way of doing business isn’t working anymore. It happened in the Massachusetts special election that sent Mr. Brown to Washington, and it’s happening again. The national GOP is being disintermediated via the Internet. No wonder they’re upset. The people’s choice, Joe Miller — endorsed by Sarah Palin and with major funding from the Tea Party Express — is battle ready…

We the People are finding our voice, and we’re beginning to realize that for the good of the country, we must demand integrity from our representatives, because it seems they’re not going to give it willingly. It’s not only Democrats who should be running scared in November. It’s anyone, of any party, who will not represent his or her  constituency with honesty and integrity.
And that’s why Charles Krauthammer was only half right.


H/T: Instapundit


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