How Do We Choose What To Write About Now?

You may have noticed that we have only two posts during the past week. Worse, this is after a two-week hiatus. You may be asking yourselves, “Why so little content when so much is happening?” That’s just the point. Where to begin?

If you think it’s easy choosing a topic to write about here at Grand Rants, think again. No, seriously. We have to think again and again ourselves. And it’s only getting more difficult because of the sheer volume of potential rants that occur every day.

Since the inception of “GR” two years ago, the intention of the writers has been to focus on our motto of “Our World Discussed.”  By that, we meant current events, politics, social issues, society in general etc.

Hard work has borne fruit as Grand Rants’ readership quickly exceeded our expectations.  And we’ve been proud of that, even if some of our work would have been better left on the editing room floor.

But as the weeks and months unfolded,  our focus gradually morphed into mostly following the exploits (and exploitation) of the Obama administration as their actions pretty much took over current events, politics, social issues, society in general etc. Acorn. Van Jones. Czar after Czar, avoiding any possible vetting by Congressional approval process. Stimulus packages.  Never in the history of this country has one administration done so much to so many, so quickly as to “fundamentally change” America.

But not for the better.

And it’s not just the Obama administration. It’s our society as well. We seem to have arrived on the corner of Chaos Street and Anarchy Drive because  not only do we suffer from a dearth of quality leaders in the politico who “lead (positively) by (good) example”  but, as a society, we seem to have lost our moral compass. As for our leaders, all they give us are examples of how to rid yourself of any shame for any wrongdoing. Congress (and not just the Democrats) has become Gordon Gecko on steroids. And make no mistake: The American public have been good students.

So then: What DO we write about now? The list is so long… But then, like clockwork, just when I think I”ll have to spend half the day trying to determine which topic is the most urgent, good ol’ Barry Sotero (aka POTUS) says or does something to negate my need to prioritize.

We have a POTUS who has done his best to be all things to all people on both sides of the fence. Apparently, he didn’t get the memo that stated you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

This was most vividly illustrated over the last few days beginning with a White House dinner, celebrating the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. 

In his speech at that dinner, he defended the rights of Muslims to build a mosque within several blocks of Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. By all measures, using carefully worded phrases and emphasis, it appeared he was giving the building of the mosque his blessing, scoring points for himself amongst the Muslims gathered to feast in the White House.

But he followed this a day later by insisting he wasn’t endorsing the project at all. Just the right to build it. The target audience hearing the back-spin was of course, NOT the Muslims who had attended the dinner the night before, but an outraged America.

All things to all people. 

And the President has the chutzpah to think he can still pull it off – or, perhaps, the ego to simply not care.

Mr. President:  You’ve already had you shot at fooling most of the people some of the time: You got elected President.  But you’re not fooling anyone anymore with the exception of those who want to be fooled,  and those too gullible to know the difference.

Perhaps the bigger issue for Obama is how this is unraveling the Democratic Party. On Monday a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader (and tourist sniffing hound) Harry Reid broke ranks with the White House saying the Senator thinks the Mosque should be built elsewhere.

It’s all ’bout them polls, isn’t, Harry?  As the mid-term elections grow closer, look for more Democrats to abandon the Obama Express in favor of saving their own careers.

Rumor has it that Nancy Pelosi is even looking for a new word and it doesn’t rhyme with Obama.

I hope people will see through these self-serving gestures and simply look at the voting records of each of these self-serving turncoats. There, you will find the truth: They HAVE supported virtually every step Obama has taken. And they are largely responsible for the state of the country being where we are today.

The best we can do is remember our values, and hold on to them. And I hope each of you will “remember in November” just who put us where we are.

In the meantime, what would YOU like to see in Grand Rants? More political coverage? Less? More coverage on other day-to-day issues and human interest? 

See? It’s not so easy to narrow down that list, now, is it?

Let us know…

Gerry Ashley

7 Responses to How Do We Choose What To Write About Now?

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  2. boyd roddey says:

    Good stuff, (as always) the “acros” of N.A.S.A. and O.B.A.M.A. left me laughing on the floor, rolling over, and then, crying in the same position. Keep it up! See ya………. boyd

  3. Doug says:

    The best way is to eat that Elephant one bite at a time.


  4. Gerry Ashley says:

    Tusk! Tusk! Tusk!

    Sorry… I couldn’t resist an opportunity like that.

    I think you’re right, Doug, but it’s gonna be a loooong meal. We just have to see the big picture and keep moving toward restoration. In the end, the struggle may help us to build character once again. I spent time teaching in the former Soviet Union back in 1978. And what I found was a proud people who hated their government, but had the character to cling to each other and made sure each person in need received the help from each other rather than the government .

    PRIME EXAMPLE: All you had to do was join the communist party and you could walk to the front of the long lines in the markets. But the character of the Russian people was such that they would rather wait in line for an hour than to join the communist party for that privilege.

    Something tells me that if Obama decreed, “Sign up with the Democratic party and we’ll give you free citizenship,” you would see a lot of illegals jump at the chance. And it will probably happen in time for his re-election in 2012.

    But if he also said to Americans, “Join the democratic party and I’ll LOWER your taxes,” I wonder how many people would do his bidding? That’s when character shows or is absent. The Russians HAD it. We HAD it for generations, but I think we’ve lost it, falling victim to the “get as much as we can NOW!” syndrome. Patience is a virtue in short supply, and there’s no shortcut to patience. If you don’t have it, you have to learn it the hard way. And Don’t think Obama isn’t aware of that and planning for it.

    So what wine do you recommend with pachyderm?

  5. immobilier says:

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