The White House Fly: New WH Phone System

For those of you considering calling the White House… be aware: They have a new phone system designed to streamline calls to their appropriate extension:

Gerry AshleyUpdate: I’ve received several e-mails asking if there really is a “White House Fly” who is giving us exclusive access to comments made inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Others have been less diplomatic, questioning my sources and demanding proof that the White House Fly actually exists. In an effort to provide “full disclosure” and respond to all queries regarding this, I offer the following evidence:

The White House Fly… Semi-Fair and Nearly Balanced.

Thank you… now get back to work!


5 Responses to The White House Fly: New WH Phone System

  1. Stoutcat says:

    The menu options should have started:

    “1 of Espanol”
    “2 for English”


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  3. donna stone says:

    why is this s.o.b. still in off. ?

  4. Gerry Ashley says:

    He’s still in office because we elected him to a 4-year term and Congress has been overloaded with Dumbocrats who don’t have the guts to hold Obama accountable for ANYTHING.

    He GOT INTO OFFICE because the Republicans gave us a joke for a GOP Ticket. And no, I’m not talking about Sara Palin. As it turns out, she’s a very knowledgable woman who is still giving the liberals migraines because they can’t comprehend that an attractive woman would also get politics. But John McCain presented himself as a dottering old curmudgeon who probably wouldn’t be able to find his way out of the West Wing, while Obama presented HIMSELF as a young, passionate politician we could believe in.

    The comatose American Voter awoke just long enough to hear a few of the “Give ’em what they wanna here” speeches that Obama gave in (according to him) about 57 of the states.

    IN short we got hood-winked by a sly, Chicago political thug.

    And it gets worse: If the Republicans can’t come up with a better Candidate this time around than they did in McCain, The Tea Party will, in all likelihood, come up with their own candidate.

    If that happens, it will be a case where the Egos of this country do us in, because the Republicans will parade out whatever tired wheezebag they choose and many loyal Republicans will vote for that candidate. Meanwhile the Tea Party will run their OWN candidate and all it will end up doing is SPLITTING the NON-DEMORCAT vote, making it possible for Barack Insane Obama to easily win re-election even with a score of 35-40% of the vote.

    And if Obama wins a second term, he becomes a lame duck for 4 years… if you think you’ve seen Obama’s REAL arrogance and REAL agenda, guess again. He’s been playing along because he wants to get re-elected. But if he gets a second term, he eliminates the need to appeal to the American public and that’s when you’ll see the hammer come down hard with is real agenda. And it won’t be pretty, but we WILL have only ourselves to blame for letting an anti-Constitutional liberal rise to the office of the President. This is the worst time in our nation’s history to have a president with a socialist agenda and who lacks the spine to stand up to our enemies because he’s too busy bowing before them, as he invents his own protocol and thinks he’s impressing them. They are laughing at him behind his back but he’s too arrogant to get it.

    Sorry to ramble in your reply, but after all, this IS Grand RANTS.

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