The White House Fly And Obama’s Golf Crisis


Gerry Ashley

3 Responses to The White House Fly And Obama’s Golf Crisis

  1. Xiao Champa says:

    We all all have got our very own much-loved pastimes and passions, my personal most popular is actually playing golf in reality my spouse says I survive for playing golf, this is actually accurate to a specific extent. I must say though a whole lot of your opinions have surely assisted myself with my selected passion.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Glad you enjoyed it.

      Here’s a little golf humor for you:

      President Obama was being interviewed by a writer for Golf Magazine. When the writer asked the President what his handicap was, he simply replied, “Joe Biden.”

      OK, that’s not really true… I just made that up. Enjoy the week-end. Hope you get to spend it on the golf course, but if you should happen to see a golf cart being driven by men in dark suits and sunglasses who speak into their lapels, it’s the secret service. You might want to let them play through.

  2. Fbzdblxr says:

    flying bird drawings,

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