Mr. President, THIS Is What We Expected


Odds are that you already knew this from the news or your gut, but here are the things I think most Americans were expecting weeks ago from President Obama…

From James Carville:

These people are crying. They’re begging for something down here. And it just looks like he’s not involved in this! Man, you have got to get down here and take control of this! Put somebody in charge of this and get this thing moving! We’re about to die down here!

The President could have jumped quick and ugly on the Jones Act like Dubya did after Katrina.

And look! GulfCoastBamaFan has, not one, not two, but seven excellent ideas on exactly what to do. Among them:

Order BP to secure vacuuming supertankers, similar to or the same ones as those used by the Saudis in previous spills in another Gulf half a world away. This technology can collect, process and transport millions of gallons of oil per day, and could have made a huge dent in the amount of crude that reaches the shore.

Allow state governors to take whatever measures they deem necessary and appropriate to protect their coasts…

Get the Congress to plug the damned hearings until the leak is stopped…

Suspend enforcement of the Jones Act. The Act was intended to stop “tramp steaming” of foreign vessels between US ports. It was never intended to prevent foreign owned vessels to assist in oil spill recovery ops. Indeed, the ROV’s being used to feed live video to the surface are all foreign owned…

And finally there is everyone’s favorite, General Honore…

Yeah, yeah, yeah… You’ve heard this before, and no doubt started to think about this sort of stuff at least five weeks ago when we finally grasped the scale of the disaster.

But that is precisely the point. If you and I and the folks above could figure this out way back when, then where the hell was Obama and his “New Whiz Kids”?

Alan Speakman


2 Responses to Mr. President, THIS Is What We Expected

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  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    It’s too late to avoid all-out catastrophe. Obama has blown that opportunity.

    The Gulf Coast States will see their Gulf-related industries (tourism, fishing, shrimping etc.) DECIMATED, possibly for generations.

    If anything good can come from this tragedy, we have to look both AT and BEYOND the damage done by Obama’s devastating lack of leadership skills as a Commander in Chief.

    The only good it could POSSIBLY do is serve as a reminder to the American public that THIS is the extent of Obama’s abilities to do effect POSITIVE change. And the only thing I would ask of each American is this: Is the Federal Government REALLY the folks you want to entrust our HEALTH CARE to?

    If ever there was an example of what happens when you allow government to control their own expansion and powers, this has been that example. It’s time to start REDUCING the power of the Federal Government… NOT EXPANDING IT like Obama would like to do.

    Folks: PLEASE see this as the wake-up call to get involved in this fall’s elections. We MUST takeback control of our government and THAT means making sure Obama no longer has a Democratic majority in the HOUSE and SENATE after the elections.


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