Approved Wind Farm Needs Backing: Cape Wind

For those of you not familiar with Cape Wind, it is a wind farm project (130 turbines) approved and destined for Horseshoe Shoals in Nantucket Sound off Cape Cod. It has not been without its very vocal, and very wealthy critics

Honestly, I’m not going to waste your time with great detail… I’ve been writing about this ad nauseum. As a matter of fact, between Grand Rants,, and Harwich Spirits Shoppe Talk, I’ve posted upwards of a dozen blog entries on the subjects of wind power, North Harwich windmills, and the Cape Wind project. Include coverage of  damage done by oil, gas, and mining, and I have no idea the number. If you’re not familiar with the topic, about the best I can suggest is that you google and study.

Back to Cape Wind: While the wind farm has been green-lighted by the Secretary of the Interior, the decade-long battle isn’t over yet… CW still has to secure the National Grid/Cape Wind long-term power purchase contract, and hopefully, that’s where you come in. Quite simply, Cape Wind needs your support. Here’s their web site with all the details. (It’s pretty dang simple really.)

There’s little left to say now… About the only caveat I can offer is that I (we) ask that you consider what has happened in the last 53 days. The most recent government estimate suggests that the Gulf oil disaster is spewing the equivalent of one Exxon Valdez every 5 to 12 days with no definite end in sight. You do the math. Our country is facing an environmental disaster of unknown proportions and characteristics. And no, a wind farm couldn’t have prevented that. But at least it will take a tiny step or two in the right direction.

Anywho… We hope you take a look at the Cape Wind site. If you can’t attend any of the scheduled meetings (and you probably can’t, unless you live in Massachusetts) a letter would be a very good thing.

Alan Speakman


6 Responses to Approved Wind Farm Needs Backing: Cape Wind

  1. Susan says:

    Only problem with a wind farm is the electricty produced by the wind farm will cost Massachusetts folks twice (that’s 2 x as much) for electricity then form a coal fueled plant. Now, what happens when the wind mill leak, yes oil, without oil the wind mill does not turn. Then there is the maitance, wow that is VERY expensive.

    Then we have to look at Denmark which the windmills have come and gone, there are hundreds that are rusting and in disuse. Why? It’s an experiment gone bad. Now IF windmill were so great why do they need a government substidized? You pay for the electricity and you substidize with your tax dollars. Wow what a bargen. Oh being from Mass. we just found out that Gov. Deval put 1 million in biofuels, well latest research revieled that biofuels release MORE carbons into the atmospher then coal.
    Aua socialism isn’t it expensive,

  2. Merlin8 says:

    Hallelujah ! Fill Massachusetts Bay with the bloody things. Build ’em by the dozen on Nantucket and the Vineyard! Let the Massachusetts limousine liberals get a gullet-full of what they’ve forced on the rest of the country. Let THEIR electric rates bear the burden of these worthless monstrosities. Let THEM stare at the rusted hulks after 10-15 years when they have broken down and can’t be fixed, like they have to do in Altamont. Let them develop anxiety disorders from having to see the things in their peripheral vision all day every day, like they do in Minnesota. By God, there may be justice in this world after all !

  3. Alan says:

    Hi Susan,

    I’m not sure where you get your “facts”, but I try to stick to known sources:,9171,1881646-1,00.html

    But OK… Susan, what’s your answer to the energy problem? Remember, the Gulf isn’t the only disaster… The liberals won’t let us build nukes. Coal is damned dangerous, and can be environmentally gruesome in its own right (

    Look… you and I can play “Battling Experts” and “Battling Stats” all day long. But here are some things that the stats don’t cover…

    * This is 2010, and the technology today is NOT the technology of 20 years ago. (Did you even have a cell phone 20 years ago? Now what do you carry?) And in 20 years, the technology of today will be primitive.
    * Why is it that Denmark and other European countries continue to produce windmills for countries all over the world? I guess everyone is subsidized.
    * The cost of energy production via oil and coal does not take into account disasters like the Gulf and Kingston. When all is said and done, those clean up costs would be virtually limitless.
    * We tend to think of today’s geopolitical environment… Within 5 years either Iran will have a nuke, or the Middle East will look quite different. What then? Where do we turn to get our oil? Russia? Venezuela? China? By every standard, we’re stuck on oil for the next 50 years. It would be nice to have a SOME sort of local renewable source if only for 5% of our needs.

    Don’t get me wrong Susan… I’m a huge fan of nukes and coal… But I think we also need to vigorously explore renewable… Like I said, this is but one tiny step, but it’s a step I think we need to take.

    Thanks for your comment

    Alan Speakman

  4. Doug says:

    We need to learn more about renewables,

  5. Luigi Fulk says:

    I would like to add something for people who are into protecting our earth and environment. Now, with all the global issues that we have to embrace into our lives and our childrens lives, we should all do our part to help a least a little bit. Why not Eliminate your Electrical Bill and Save Thousands a year with Solar Panels for your Home, they are extremely easy to build and this will be an easy way for you to do your part in helping our planet and save a tonne of money at the same time. Think about it.

  6. Typically, wind energy systems for homes include high-end point with five rotating blades against the wind. To what extent the wind towers should be in your home depends on factors such as relative wind speed in your area, a high tower to lower the wind speed and the area where the tower is shorter for more wind zones speed

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