AP Reporter Enthusiastic But Not Too Bright


Well, this is a new one for me. Apparently a reporter from the Associated Press decided he wanted to see the Gulf oil slick in a new way, so he, er, dived right in. Literally.

I jump off the boat into the thickest patch of red oil I’ve ever seen. I open my eyes and realize my mask is already smeared. I can’t see anything and we’re just five seconds into the dive…

The oil is so thick and sticky, almost like a cake batter. It does not wipe off. You have to scrape it off, in layers until you finally get close to the skin. Then you pour on some Dawn dishwashing soap and scrub. I think to myself: No fish, no bird, no turtle would ever be able to clean this off of themselves. If any animal, any were to end up in this same puddle there is almost no way they could escape.

It’s actually a very interesting narrative, but there’s a very good reason none of his colleagues would dive without wearing Hazmat suits.

I’m all for getting to the heart of a story, but I think this is taking it way too far. Especially if you’re somewhat of a klutz, as this reporter apparently is; turns out after getting out of the water, scrubbing for half an hour to get clean, he fell back in and was slimed again. 

I sure hope he’s had all his shots.



5 Responses to AP Reporter Enthusiastic But Not Too Bright

  1. Well that’s dumb.
    Just don’t jump into it if you don’t want it on you.
    And blaming Obama is stupid.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Ooookay… Well, I don’t know which post you just read, but I sure as heck don’t see Obama mentioned anywhere in this one! You might want to, you know, pay attention to what you’re reading and writing. I’m just sayin’.

  2. WilliamA.Barrow says:

    Another “IDIOT” to add to the list,he’s as bright as
    a black-light.Where do all these folk’s come from besides DC?

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