Breaking: Super Bowl Ring Raffle


Drews Brees announced on Fox News today that the New Orleans Saints will raffle off one of their Super Bowl Rings to benefit the victims of the Gulf Coast oil spill. Read more here.

The actual raffle site isn’t up yet, but keep an eye on:

UPDATE: Here is the correct URL for the raffle which is now up and in operation:

Alan Speakman


9 Responses to Breaking: Super Bowl Ring Raffle

  1. Saint Kip says:

    Web address redirects to

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stoutcat and Darcy, Grand Rants. Grand Rants said: RT @Stoutcat: BREAKING: Raffle to benefit oil spill victims Drew Brees is a class act. #tcot […]

  3. Bartholomew Dewey says:

    Nice gesture. Maybe we should look to other famous people to see if they would donate items for a similar auction. Here’s my dream sheet:

    President Obama: “The high bidder will be allowed to choose anyone he/she wants and I will personally kick their ass.”

    Chris Matthews: “I will praise the high bidder on the air during my show for one night in a manner similar to the way I’ve gushed over Barack Obama. This does not, however include any references to tingling going up my leg (unless the winning bid exceeds $5).”

    Nancy Pelosi: “I will share ‘the word’ with the winning bidder. The word. Word. It’s all there is… is the word. Bird. The Bird is the word…”

    Michelle Obama: “I will be PROUD of the high bidder for 24 hours.”

    Glenn Beck: “I will sob as I mention the name of the winner on the air. The winner will also get the tissue I use to wipe away the tears. I’m just sayin…”

    Sean Hannity: “I will mention, with great specificity, the name of the winner at least 30 times on my program. I do this because I don’t want people who might turn on the program a bit late to miss anything. Then, I’ll recommend the winner go to Ruth’s Chris’ Steak House. I’ll even kick in for the vegetable. How’s THAT? Don’t forget: Hannity Tonight at 9 on Fox. We’ll be right back.”

    Rush Limbaugh: “I will let the winner operate the ditto-cam in my studio. This is normally operated by Snerdly, but the winner will be free to do whatever he or she wants as long as it is still pointed at me, El-Rushbo. Zooming in is optional, but highly recommended.”

    Al Gore: “Wait a second… Ahh WON that contest. It’s OBVIOUS. Ahh was the winner, damn it, and Ahh intend to take this to the supreme court where Ahh predict Ahh will pruh-vay-el.”

    Joe Biden: “Oh wait til you hear THIS… The winner of my auction gets to join me for a beer, not in the Rose Garden with the President, but at my BRAND NEW SECRET BUNKER which is directly beneath the Lincoln Memorial. See, they had to build me a new one, ’cause somehow the public found out about the other one… But hey, that’s water under the border. I mean is this prize great or what? It’s f***ing SERIOUS!”

    Bartholomew Dewey

  4. Birdseed anarchist says:

    Wait a minute, although fundraising for this disaster is admirable, I believe BP, Trans-Ocean, etc. should be paying for ALL of this. They have made untold BILLIONS in the last few years , time to get out the Checkbook. Time to charge them with negligence. They didn’t have a satisfactory emergency plan for this type of accident. They weren’t prepared. I have always favored offshore oil production and still do but there is a huge difference between shallow water drilling and deep water drilling. We are not ready technologically for deep water. Pay Baby, Pay!

  5. Gerry Ashley says:

    Why, Birdseed… I DO believe you have just identified the ass Obama is looking to kick. How lucky for Obama! He has YOU to thank for this.

    Just thinking… Isn’t it funny how someone as smart as Obama couldn’t figure that one out for himself?

    Just sayin’…

  6. Breaking: Super Bowl Ring Raffle « Grand Rants…

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  7. Thanks this made for interesting reading. I dig your wordpress theme!

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