Willie Nelson & The Beach Boys? You Betcha!

It’s the week-end… and frankly, I need an escape from all the bad news about Oil Spills, a rude, impudent former Beatle (time to call it quits, sir Paul), a President who’s legacy will be measured in how much damage he caused, bad umpiring, a middle east in… well, you get the idea.

 So there I was trolling on youtube when I came upon some old friends of mine. And I thought to myself, “Here… HERE’S one thing that’s still right in America: Real Music.  I’m talking songs with lyrics and melodies that will still be around in 50 years or more. Peformers who have set the mark so high for others, they improved the art form for all.

This was filmed during a recording session for an Album called “Stars and Stripes” that the Beach Boys recorded in Nashville back in the ’90s with many of the day’s country stars joining them on new versions of some old favorites.

And their voices were still as I recall from back in… well, tell you what: Let them run it by you.  It’s a nice summer week-end; enjoy The Warmth Of The Sun… courtesy of the genius of Willie Nelson, Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys.  (Eat your heart out, Paul McCartney). 

If you enjoy this, I invite you to share this with others . This kind of music is getting harder to find. And this generation of artists are fading from the scene.  Enjoy them while you can. Each generation has their “best” and this video represents the best of two different genres of the same era. Pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

Gerry Ashley


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