Sir Paul McCartney – The (New) Fool On The Hill?



YESTERDAY (or was it, perhaps, THE NIGHT BEFORE?),  Sir Paul McCartney was feted at The White House by President Obama (well, SOMETHING had to lure him to GET BACK to the White House and certainly neither Memorial Day nor FIXING A HOLE in the Gulf of Mexico were cause enough to do it).

But throw a tribute for Paul McCartney for winning the Library of Congress Songwriter Award and… well, that’s all the HELP we needed to get THE FOOL ON THE HILL back to the White House. Seriously, does that really rank higher than Memorial Day or the Gulf Oil Spill? Yep, it sure does if you’re Barack Oh-Blame-Us.

And so it was, that they would all COME TOGETHER. Platters of platitudes and WORDS OF LOVE were served all around. Of course, Sir Paul serenaded MICHELLE. And, bless her soul, she seemed to still be proud to be an American (Sorry, I meant to save that for a Lee Greenwood posting).

Yeah-yeah-yeah, I could go on and on with more clever song title insertions, but let’s just get to the bottom line: McCartney should stick to what he does best: Writing SILLY LOVE SONGS. When it comes to that, Sir Paul was/is one of the best. Lord knows it’s been a LONG AND WINDING ROAD, since he first started performing ALL THOSE YEARS AGO. 

Don’t get me wrong… I think McCartney richly deserves the songwriter’s award.  But when it comes to politics, I think Paul should have just said, “Thanks for the dinner and the plaque.” and then just LET IT BE.

Unfortunately Sir Paul couldn’t keep his Beatle Boot out of his mouth, and resorted to a cheap shot one would expect from Team Obama. But there was “Beatle Paul” showing what an ignorant ass he has become  I think Sir Paul… well, here… just LISTEN TO WHAT THE MAN SAID:

I wouldn’t worry about McCartney’s comment too much, however. Keep in mind, this was said by the man who thought he didn’t need a pre-nup when he married Heather Mills…

  • And for some great straight talk on the issue, check out

    Michelle Malkin’s coverage of the event written by guest blogger Doug Powers (who managed to locate the best photo coverage of the concert. Do NOT miss it!).

  • Michelle’s guest blogger today, Val Prieto who absolutely nails it with her guest contribution today… speaking for a lot of us, I’m sure.

Gerry Ashley (I’m SO sorry, Uncle Albert)


13 Responses to Sir Paul McCartney – The (New) Fool On The Hill?

  1. Sir Paul McCartney ? The (New) Fool On The Hill?…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Thank you! ALL MY LOVING to you!

      Please know that you’re welcome here anytime… ANYTIME AT ALL… 😉

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  3. Kim Bruce says:

    HELP! I need somebody.

  4. […] Sir Paul McCartney – Th&#1077 (N&#1077w) Fool On Th&#1077 Hill? « Grand Rants […]

  5. […] Sir Paul McCartney – The (New) Fool On The Hill? « Grand Rants […]

  6. WilliamA.Barrow says:

    Obama is all about Hollywood style of living and we
    can’t afford that on our budget,it’s time to take a

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      As much as I hate to say it… the time to do that won’t be until after the Novemeber elections and we’ve voted OUT as many of his sycophant supporters in Congress as possible.

      Right now, a Democratic COngress would not vote to impeach a democratic president. THAT would take character. And seriously… do you think you’d find that much character on the Democratic side of the aisle?

      Hell, they won’t even vote for a special prosecutor to investigate what is as plain as the nose on your face: Someone in the White House has been illegally offering jobs to those people running against candidates the White House is supporting. It’s a felony and, quite possibly, an impeachable offense. But a gutless congress led by gutless people like Harry Reid and Nancy “The Word” Pelosi just don’t have it in them to be “The most ethical congress ever” as Nazi Pelosi put it.

  7. the other Ken says:


    It’s just a lot of CRY BABY CRY I’m afraid.

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