Defending Our Culture


One of our new commenters, sasoc, has written two outstanding posts on his blog, Mastersen’s Musings. (Actually, he has probably written more than two outstanding posts, but these are the first two I read, and they impressed me greatly.) The posts are entitled, “We Defend Our Culture or We Die as a Nation (part I here; part II here). I’m going to cull a few quotes for you to read, but both pieces are worthy of reading in full, and I hope you all will click over to his site and read them.

From Part I:

“Millions, or tens of millions, of poor Mexicans are a tragic group worthy of compassion, but not worthy of eviscerating our culture and surrendering our sovereignty. The Oath of Citizenship is a real thing, and legal immigration is a real thing, and assimilation is a real thing. They matter, and 20 million poor Mexicans crashing the gates and seeking to supplant our culture with theirs is not consistent with these ideals.

“To trade our astoundingly successful anglo-saxon culture (which has melted and absorbed ethnic groups from around the world) for one of poverty and political instability is quite literally insane. “

From Part II:

“People of all ethnic backgrounds have submitted themselves and their offspring to the American Way – and YES, there IS an American way – and that is the price of immigration. Read the oath of citizenship and you will see language about RENOUNCING from whence you came. “Renounce” is a strong word, and it is intentional…

“…Perhaps the ideals enumerated in the Declaration of Independence are merely transitory to you, or our culture of self-reliance, or our culture of ethical business dealing (very anglo-saxon if you’ve ever done business in other parts of the world). These should be left to be squeezed, diluted, and changed by foreign cultures in whatever tide of humanity seeks to take up residence here? You believe we should be “riders on the storm”, going whichever way the wind blows?

“If this is your belief, then our country will become something other than what Lincoln called the “last best hope of Earth”. It will be averaged down into the less successful, or downright failed, cultures of other places in the world.”

Let us hope that there are enough of us who still believe that America is the “last best hope of Earth,” who have the burning desire to keep her as such, and the unbreakable will to ensure that she continues to shine.



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