For Every Soldier: A Flag And A Nation’s Gratitude

The soldiers came in a convoy
And each one had a bag
The mission: to make certain
Every headstone had a flag

The soldiers who lay silent
From wars that had come and gone
Awaited our remembrance
On Memorial Day’s bright dawn.

For once a year we gather
It’s an honor, not a task
To show our gratitude to them
Is that too much to ask?

For all the freedom given us
It came at such a cost
The soldiers laying here today
Remind us of our loss.

It’s not just to remember
But to thank them once a year
To let them know we cherish them
And their memory we hold dear.
There’s no excuse acceptable
To turn our backs today
Without these brave young soldiers
There would be no USA.

It isn’t just a holiday
But then again to some
They need to be reminded just
How freedom’s prize is won.

But to all of you who know that
Freedom’s fight is never done
Trace Adkins now reminds us why
We all come to Arlington…

(Click to play)

Gerry Ashley – Memorial Day 2010
(Photos: Screen Shots from CNN Video)

Update: After I had written and posted this piece, I noticed that Michelle Malkin has the same good taste in music. See her contribution here

2 Responses to For Every Soldier: A Flag And A Nation’s Gratitude

  1. josie says:

    Just wonderful! Thanks Gerry.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Actually, the thanks passes through me to each of the people we honor today.

    Thank-you, Josie.

    And thanks, also, to Trace Adkins for such a great song, performed with honor and respect. We need MORE people in the entertainment community like him. Funny how so many of Country Music’s artists “get it” when so many Rockers and Hollyweirdos have their heads firmly planted up their associated body parts.

    To all you Veterans and active duty military out there: Thank you for your service to our country. Have faith in our Constitution. Have faith in yourselves and may you long continue to inspire others.

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