The Fly On The White House Wall: The AZ Illegal Alien Legislation


Last week, President Obama met with his top advisors: VP Joe Biden, AG Eric Holder, Homeland Security Sec Janet Napolitano, and SecDef Robert Gates, to discuss Arizona’s new law:






Gerry Ashley

Update:  Even though the President of the United States and, apparently, his cabinet couldn’t be bothered to actually read this legislation before trashing it, you can read it for yourself by clicking here.


3 Responses to The Fly On The White House Wall: The AZ Illegal Alien Legislation

  1. the other Ken says:

    Actually, Biden is the smart one 😉

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Then we’re in deep… DEEP do-do.

      But seriously, don’t underestimate Obama. He may appear to be a “do-nothing, know-nothing hack” but the fact of the matter is that he has done more damage to this country already that simply hasn’t been done on the surface to be seen. But just wait until you see what he and his puppetmaster(s) have done BEHIND the scenes. If he continues to have Congressional support (via a Democratic controlled house and senate), we won’t recognize America in another 4-6 years. And that WILL happen if we don’t wake up as Americans and start taking the fall elections seriously. Fortunately, it appears we are gathering steam.

      Side thought: How SAD is it when you have to start a grassroots movement to SAVE Liberty from Tyranny when the source of that Tyranny is your own government. That’s how it was in the former Soviet Union. And that’s how it appears to be shaping up here.

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