Calderon Gets Well-Deserved Smack-Down


Let’s hear it for Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) for his stirring rebuttal to Mexican President Calderon’s shameless (and shameful) address to Congress yesterday. This made me want to stand up and shout “Hurray!”

Thank you, Rep. McClintock, for saying to Congress what so many of us were shouting at our televisions and computer screens yesterday.




85 Responses to Calderon Gets Well-Deserved Smack-Down

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    • Werner I. Juretzko says:

      Do not clap your hands to loud!
      A bunch of hypocrites you are ALL-Democrats as well Republicans.
      How many illegals marched across the Rio Grande during Bush’s last eight years,he was on watch?

      • Meteorlady says:

        Bush is friggin’ gone and they marched across during his administration because Bush tried to get immigration reform and the amnesty card was played. Clinton had the same problem. In fact all Presidents after Reagan had the same problem.

        In 1986 when we gave amnesty the Democrats promised that they would take action and seal the borders. As soon as Reagan signed the bill, they back out of the deal and did nothing. Hence we still have illegals entering this country in mass quantities. This man makes sense and I applaud him.

        Did I mention that 83% of those given amnesty in 1986 gained it through fraud. Those people cost the American taxpayers about $10 million a year in their first 10 years they were here.

      • Stoutcat says:

        Meteorlady, you make some very interesting assertions. Can you provide links to your claims about the 83% of amnesty recipients back in ’83 being fraudulent? Also, links to the 10-year costs would be good. We like facts here at Grand Rants, even among our commenters.

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    I find it excruciatingly frustrating that when Calderon strutted his bloated ego in front of the United States Congress yesterday (link:, our own Democratic Congressmen gave the hypocrite a standing ovation. A STANDING FREAKING OVATION – as he pissed all over Arizona (and, as such, America too).

    Now, Representative Tom McClintock formally – and with proper protocol – dresses down Calderon (as he well deserves) and at the end of the speech, you can barely hear a single person applaud.

    THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO REPRESENT US? I DON’T THINK SO! Boot them ALL out in November folks. NOW is the time to step up and let the world know who we REALLY are. And we don’t take getting pissed on by a piss-ant hypocrite like Caulderon.

    Is there any way we can identify each and every American Traitor who stood up and cheered Calderon? I’d love a list of those traitors…

    • Flash says:

      Gerry Ashley, I emailed my congress-persons asking if they were one of the ones that gave the standing ovation to Calderon’s speech. Even after follow-up emails where I explained that they represent me, and the state I live in, I deserve to know. Still no response, this tells me all I need to know and I will campaign against them!

    • Te McCrudden says:

      I definately agree with your comment and for the one who thinks its a great idea to obtain a list of those who cheered this Mexico leader. Shame on all those who stood and cheered this man and to the one who invited him.

  4. Kai Ferano says:

    This freak show in the chambers of Congress clearly shows that our country is at a crossroads. We need to have either the November elections pushed forward to August-September, if legally possible, or even better, have a presidential election scheduled within the year. I realize this sounds absurd, but I sincerely believe that our standing president and his supporters in Congress and elsewhere are hell-bent are actively and defiantly destroying the United States of America. Isn’t it obvious with this sham that just took place — and can Nancy Pelosi be a genuine American patriot? This is a national crisis, and Congress must act appropriately.

    • george burger says:

      Agree’d, get congress under true citizen control “patriotic control”
      vote conservatives in and remove enemy tactics that undermine a free and American/United States of American. In God we trust. United we stand. “Citizens”, how sweet it is.

    • SUE says:

      AND HOW!!!!!

    • Cindi says:


      How true you are!!! I would love to copy your reply if ok to post on my facebook!!! Never truer words spoken!!!

    • JoAnne says:

      I agree completely I just do not understand why we are waiting and watching as our country is being destroyed

  5. Joan Baldwin says:

    Amen to this and thank you Rep. McClintock. After this law is enforced everywhere, let’s pass a new one- just because you are born here, doesn’t mean you are a citizen! Stop flooding our schools and social welfare systems with children of “non-documented” adults!

  6. william guntow says:

    thank you for stading up for us your our man

  7. linda newman says:

    Fantastic Rep. McClintock. Hang in there for us — we need all the help we can get. For the first time in my life, I am sincerely worried about the direction that Obama and his idiots are taking this great country.

  8. Byron Shoffner says:

    Sure we need to remember the Democratic congress’ standing ovation, but be sure to remember that Obama stood right beside Calderon and agreed with him. Never in my life have I seen such hate for the country that gave a worthless do nothing such an honor expressed by the one that has been given that honor. We can’t call a terrorist a terrorist, and we sure better not call Muslims terrorist or supporters of terrorism. Can you say stupid? And now we are all world citizens. What bull. Try to go into Mexico as an illegal and see what happens to you, and then these morons decide to trash patriots that are trying to save their state. Walk the desert and see what these “assets” to our country have done to a beautiful but fragile land. As to the cheap labor, when you figure in the cost of medical care, the American citizens that are on welfare because they can’t find work, it would be much cheaper to pay more for groceries while paying a living wage to citizens and get your taxes reduced than to support a subculture that is destroying our country. If Calderon would go home and solve the problems of graft and thievery in his government the Mexicans might stay in Mexico instead of coming to America and trying to turn it into the same kind of cesspool that they left.

  9. Byron Shoffner says:

    There is a solution to the whole problem. Are there 34 states that are fed up enough to call a Continental Congress? If so the Continental Congress can even change the Constitution. there are several issues that need to be addressed. Congressional term limits, removal from office by recall vote, both congress and the president, a system for removal for supreme court justices that start making laws instead of upholding the laws that are passed, the removal of and prohibition of czars that are appointed, but never elected, and have the power to enact “laws” that are illegal. Read the Constitution. these rules are not Constitutional. We have reached the point with this administration of having if not a monarchy, close to a dictatorship run by elected officials that have been in power so long they have forgotten the law of the land.


    • Flash says:

      Well said!!

    • Sheri says:

      There was a fantastic new Continental Congress in Nov of 2009. Get the info on what happened at Also the latest CC info can be found at Check it out!!

  10. Gail Porter says:


  11. cliff says:

    kick everyone out of the usa that does not belong here,they have no rights . do you get it they do not belong here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Cudo’s to the Congressman for taking this action regardless of who cares or any country who cares
    as well.It is time we start acting like the “MOST
    POWERFULL COUNTRY” in the World and quit “KISSING”
    everyone’s “FEET and BEHIND” over some comment or dislike of AMERICA, Home of the FREE&BRAVE

  13. John Weller says:

    Shame he gave such a beautiful rebuke to an empty room.

    • Stoutcat says:

      John Weller: it is indeed a shame. Not knowing what the protocol or security arrangements were for Calderon’s address to a joint session, my guess is McClintock made his rebuttal as soon as he could; unfortunately most of Congress had headed out for a long weekend or something. He still deserves praise for his statement, however.

  14. Frank says:

    Even worse he went home with 1.5 billion from Obama.

    How about 1.5 billion for border patrol to stop the illegals.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Frank, good point, I had forgotten about that. $1.5 billion would build a few feet of fence, or pay for a few more border patrol agents.

      • Diane of Goodyear, AS says:


        We need a turn back to “old fashioned values” of integrity, good work-ethic, caring, helping each other, looking out for each other, taking care on one’s property and not destroying the property of others and, a very old fashioned value-honesty. We are formed from many into one melting pot. It worked and it works. One language, one flag, one country. We are not German-American, Polish- American, French American, African-American, Mexican-American, etc. We are American. Stop the trashing of the desert–a most beautiful and fragile place; care about our land and our people. We care about all people in the world and aid many of them; more than any other country. But let’s do things the right way. Just as I cannot go and trash my neighbor’s property because I would end up in jail, do I turn and ignore the trashing of the United States. We are not a perfect country but we are a country that looks at what is wrong and works to fix it. Allowing illegal immigrants to come in and make demands for their rights while at the same time mocking the flag and the language is not right. The immigration law in AZ parrots the Federal law. The Federal Government will not enforce it so we must. It is not being against another ethnic group. It is knowing that who is coming to the US to live wants to be part of something that is great and growing. Look at all the peoples who have come to be Americans. They came from all over the world. Do we have to teach in their languages? No, they become a part of us, the US of America. They have “melted” into our culture adding the richness of their varied cultures, skills and knowledge. Through hard work and determination they made us what we are. Let us not destroy it or allow it to be destroyed.

      • Diane of Goodyear, AZ says:

        Sorry for the typo. It is Diane of Goodyear, AZ.

  15. Victor says:

    It is already in public place: YouTube – so spread it!!!
    Maybe he talks to an empty room but we will make it known. Everybody will hear it.
    SPREAD IT all over the Internet!!!

  16. Ed Brown says:

    Nothing can happen until we take the education of our children (Our Future)out of the hands of the teachers unions and put it in the care of Americans who know who we are and where we came from. we must instill in them what it means to be an American. If not we will be no more than any second rate nation. We must be insistent.
    Ed in Colorado
    US Army Retired
    Free Mason PM

  17. Ken says:

    I think this man ought to nominated for President instead of the idiot that is in the Brown house now.

  18. Tony says:

    I don’t know why you all are mad at President Calderon for saying what he said. You should be mad at the DAMOCRATIC Congress and the Head Idiot in the white House for allowing him to set foot in our country. But again we allow every Tom, Dick, and Harry to cross into our country.

  19. Victoria says:

    Im proud to be a colombian born naturalized American citizen. Cheers to this representative from California. Try to lIve illegally in Colombia…

  20. dj says:

    we are Americans…back off Mexico ! you may have lost Arizona, California, Texas generations back…but hey wakeup ! you have NO right to tell us what to do ! your citizens come to the US taking from hard working Americans. we are RED WHITE BLUE THROUGH AND THROUGH not red, green ! we do not cross borders for a better life. why ? duh !!

  21. BEVERLY says:

    WHAt happened to do unto others what has done to you

  22. GPete says:

    That was a great speech but don’t drop your guard, folks. There’s been a gratuitous shift in the rhetorical winds from both sides lately and it’s obvious why. The republicans have been sitting on their hands for as long as the Democrats and now they’re ALL worried about getting booted off the gravy train in November. I think we’re going to see some comical, desperate moves by many of these characters in the next few months but we can’t be distracted from our mission of ‘throwing the bums out”. We have a great chance here to shake the entire government by the shoulders until they behave. We wimp out on this one chance and we can close the book on this country.

  23. TAZ-MAN says:

    GOD BLESS Rep. Tom McClintock for having the balls to stand up and dress down Mexican Pres. Calderon !! Too bad we don`t have more people up there like him. Let`s keep rolling this around, and maybe come election time we can flush some of the congressional toilet bowl into the sewer, and clean up our own back yard. I`ve had enough of too damn far to the left liberals, and politically correct . Are we slowly, but surely giving away the things that made us the great nation we`re supposed to be ??

  24. Chester says:

    Calderon is encouraged by the president’s servient posture to America’s enemies while insulting the traditional friends like the UK. (For example: remember his gift to the queen and returning the Churchill statue to the British embassy.)

    Furthermore he is encouraged by the president’s criticism of the Arizona law. So you can not really blame him – he is supporting the US president’s views. He is just a polite diplomat trying to please his host. He did not break any diplomatic protocols.

  25. ROSE says:



  26. Rafael Hernandez says:

    Calderon is not the problem, the illegal immigrants are not the problem. The problem is every elected official in Washington since Ronald Reagan. This includes Republicans, many whom I supported in the past, as being the best of all evils. As a right winger Conservative, I am against all form of immigration lest they come through the front door, like many have done in the past.

    We need to unite, throw the rascals out, Democrats, Republicans, Independants and any other career politician that has made a life out of being an office holder. The majority of them are out of touch with their contituents. Once united we can send the politicians packing in November; demand the new office holder deal with illegal immigrants. Have them sent back to where they come from.

    As for Calderon, we have no business solving Mexico’s social problems. If Calderon can not live with the illegals returning home, then let the Mexicans have a coup like other SA Countries and replaced with a new leader.

    Many Americans are unemployed and can’t support their family; meantime, Mexico is using us as their employment agency at no cost to their Goverment. Additionally, the Mexican Government has agents fomenting unrest to seek support from bleeding hearts and the left is buying it whole. Many Mexicans are not interested in becoming citizens. They have a family in Mexico and send $$$$$$ to them weekly. Once they reach a comfortable economic level they return to Mexico. In the meantime they trash our cities streets,and defecate and urinate on the side of the road, while waiting to be picked up for a job. By the way, many will not work for leess than $10.@ hour. Now I am of my high horse. God Bless America!

  27. Tom says:

    The Republican Party should consider Rep McLintock as their candidate for President in 2012

  28. Eleanor says:


  29. Donna says:

    I say McClintock should be the next President of the USA. Thanks for saying what so many are afraid to say.

  30. Gail says:

    It is imperative that Calderon keeps the illegals here. He is unable to take care of business at home and has to pawn them off on us. If he cared about them
    he would be improving their status at home so they could live their lives in their country. He is impotent as a leader.

  31. Lynette Danner says:

    God bless you Mr. McClintock. You spoke so clearly as to how the majority of AMERICANS feel.

  32. jimr says:

    Did we just see a worthy candidate for the
    Republican Party??? Finally, someone with a pair of balls who wants to get this country back to basics! Way to go Rep McClintock – you have my vote in 2012!!

  33. Flash says:

    I thank Rep. McClintock (R-CA) for speaking up for Americans. After seeing the dog and pony show with Calderon bashing Arizona I would have liked to speak to congress but most of my speech would have been beeped out. I think that every congress-person that applauded Calderon should be tried for treason along with our so called president!!

    PS: I didn’t realize that California actually had level headed people such as McClintock.

  34. Diane Valladares says:

    Thank God at least one politician has the courage to finally state the truth about the illegal Mexican immigration problem facing Americans! Please stay true to our values and continue to speak out in defense of our great country.

  35. Andrew Kerr says:

    I thanks Rep. McClintock (R-CA) for speaking up for Americans. We need more men like him in the congress and Senate.

    Watch this video and see if we dont change our voting policy

  36. torchy swinson says:

    Thank you for standing up for America and letting Calderon know we don’t want him to speak until he learns how to address the country in which he is a visitor. Go get him!!!

  37. Mivicap says:

    Rep. McClintock looks like a great candidate for the next Presidential election for the Republicans and for AMERICANS.

  38. Barbara Shaw says:

    Finally, someone speaking out for the Americans and the rules set up by our ancestors, which have made our country what it is today. I am in total agreement with Rep. Tom McClintock. Keep up the good work and lectures and whatever it takes to make Americans wake up before it is too late.

  39. claytonian says:

    Wonderfully elucidated wake up call, in the most useful forum…

  40. Jason Calley says:

    I agree with everything that Congressman McClintock just said, but don’t get your hope up. Remember that during the six years that the Republicans controlled all three branches of the US Government they consistently refused to enforce the immigration laws — just like the Democrats did when they were in power. Remember also that it was REAGAN who pushed through and signed the biggest amnesty bill for illegals. Anyone here old enough to remember the Gipper promising that his amnesty was a one time deal and “from this time forward we will make sure that ALL the immigration laws are enforced!”?

    A conservative who votes for a Republican is like a battered wife who keeps making excuses for a drunken husband who beats her. At least the liberals know they are getting a socialist when they vote Democratic.

    Oh, one more thing. We need to keep any person who holds dual citizenship with any other country OUT of any and all US governmental positions, either hired, appointed or elected. And, yes, this means that dual Mexican/American, Canadian/American and Israeli/American people in government need to GO!

    • Larry says:

      Amen to your dual-citizenship comment! Going one step further, I really don’t want Mexican citizens voting on issues that affect my quality of life. That’s insanity. We should probably just annex Mexico, couldn’t be any worse than it is now and you and I could buy some bargain priced waterfront property.
      Trouble is, there hasn’t been any serious enforcement of immigration laws since Eisenhower introduced Operation Wetback in 1954. It’s been a charade of the federal government ever since. 12 million entrenched illegals and their extended families are a testament to that fact. Now they are like angry squatters, full of demands and arrogance.

  41. Tom says:

    It seems to me I remember back in the early 80’s this amnesty bill that Reagan pushed was supposed to be a one time deal as said above. We need someone separate from Democrats or Republicans that will uphold the morals and christian values that our founding fathers upheld and our country was founded on. Until we do this we will be under the judgement of God himself. We were a strong nation because we were a nation under God but we became a nation without God. God help us.

  42. Angel says:

    If you want a Party that enforces term limits, sanctity of life. deportation of illegals and Christian morals as well as upholding the Constitution, Check out the Constitution Party!!!

  43. Frank says:

    what a load of crap…

  44. larry clark says:

    Thank You Congressman McClintock!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is sad that you are among the few that has enough
    Testosterone to say what is right. Those trashy idiots that gave that criminal a standing ovation need
    to check between their legs and be ASHAMED of themselves! They need to be extradited from our country just as the ILLEGAL pieces of crap that are here should be immediately! Not put in jail but taken
    to Mexico and left. Never to be let back here! It amazes me how they can get in office and forget that
    they owe their countryman to not become TRAITORS! I would love to debate these imbecils and then prosecute them for TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. larry clark says:

    Furthermore, that thing that Mexico calls their President should be brought up on charges in the UN.
    He is nothing more than a CRIMINAL and THUG puppet of the druggies in his country! He will surely be dealt with in due time. His own drug buddies will take him
    out because he will soon become worthless to them also. It cannot happen soon enough! He will be exterminatd just like the rest of the drug vermin!

  46. Dennis Jason says:

    Where the hell are the rest of your colleagues. Where are those shameless people who stood cheered. We need term limits………….

  47. Jerry schablein says:

    I would call you mister but you appear to be on the dsme extremely low level of political knowledge as our ignorant commie leader. Why son’t you go back to mehico and take your tradh with you.

  48. L.R. Hendrickson says:

    I have never been involved in politics, I have always voted and voted for who I thought was best for the job. I know this country has problems but it is the best country in the world. I believe in this country and I have never been worried about it until this president, he scares me. The things he is doing is not what I believe the President of The United States should be doing. In my life time I have seen a President impeached and it is my belief this one should be impeached also, for what he is doing to this country and it’s people. I should not be scared of my president I should look to him as the leader of the best country in the world and want to support him.

    • Larry says:

      I think there was a great lesson to be learned when Obama got elected. I’m sorry to say, it makes me hesitant to vote for a minority president ever again. If you disagree with him, they’ll just throw the race card at you. Simple as that. And the MSM will blindly agree and run with it, especially cretins like Chris Mathews and Grief Olbermann.

  49. L. Cassella says:

    McClintok for P R E S I D E N T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. […] Re: I never cease to be amazed! I don't recall this being posted before, it's a good piece. Calderon Gets Well-Deserved Smack-Down Grand Rants […]

  51. Lisa says:

    YES… I agree totally and I am an immagrant ! But I live the american way I work 50 hrs a week pay my taxes, speak english and apreciate the country I live IN !!!! Calderon should be sent home VIA the mess his country men leave in the Arizona desert.

  52. Betty G Stevens says:

    BROVO! Congressman McClintock

  53. Betty G. Stevens says:

    I still say Brovo Congressman McClintock.

  54. JAMES WEST says:



  55. Bill7360 says:

    Thank you Representative McClintock! You are my hero! The truth could not have been said so eloquently! The Mexican President should never again be issued a Visa to enter our country. He will have to enter with his Brothers at night . It was not overlooked that the traitors to the U.S. gave Calderon a standing ovation. We will remember in November but do have to be cautious of the former ACORN that still work for our Socialist Administration.

  56. American Joe says:

    I’ve heard rebuttals in AZ about the border issue. Did you know that Arizona had to put up signs in sections of southern border parks telling, IN ENGLISH, our citizens that it is “Not Safe” to go there. There are a large number of drug runners that transverse this area and they are armed. They openly threaten the local law enforcement and bring drugs into our land. They say that it is a “supply and demand” issue. If “WE” did not demand it they would not supply it. BS! If there is “No supply” it will greatly curb “demand.” The drug lords that openly control northern Mexico will not do this however. This goes all the way back to REP McClintock’s Truly Outstanding speach. Calderon needs to clean his own house before raising a nose at ours. Unfortunately Mexico is a sinking ship and the United States of America is the only life raft around.

    • Meteorlady says:

      Two off duty policemen from the Nogales,AZ police department were rounding up cattle when they saw a couple of SUV’s unloading packages. They arrested the illegal drug smugglers. The next day the Chief of Police was contacted a Mexican Drug Load. He was told that his men were to ignore the drug smugglers when they were off duty or there would be deaths. Nice to know our neighbors across the border are such poor innocent victims of poverty.

  57. R. Dean Williams says:

    Mr. McClintock deserves recoginition for stating the facts. I am delighted to hear that the political encumbants who are “supposed” to be representing the Ameriacan public are concerned about the hostility being registered in many of the voting districts. We need “CHANGE” in this country and Mr. Obama is not leading this charge – the average American will lead the real “CHANGE”. CHANGE – representation for the people by the people! I can’t wait for November!!

  58. Meteorlady says:

    I watched his speech and was appalled that he had the audacity to even say 1/2 of what he said. Mexico suffers from corruption from the top down. Calderon is unpopular and this visit was to boost him up in the polls.

    I am happy that someone stood up and objected to the speech and took it for the insult it was. I for one, hate that hope and change – it’s not working at all for me.

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