Our Traitorous Congress


Hard to say which is more distasteful: Mexico’s President Calderon berateing America, or the United States Congress giving him a standing ovation for it.

If this was Sr. Calderon’s “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” moment, we are so screwed.

Exit questions:

  1. Jeebus freaking Cripes, won’t anyone read the damned bill before scolding us about it?
  2. What does it say about our Congress that its members will not just clap but jump up and give a thunderous ovation to someone who actively encourages his own people to cross our southern border illegally?


UPDATE: At least Sen. Hatch had the (in honor of Pres. Calderon’s visit) cojones to call foul:

“It’s inappropriate for a head of state to question our laws, especially when the state of Arizona only acted in the best interest of its citizens and with the support of seventy percent of its people.”

Weasel Zippers has the scoop.

UPDATE II: Rep. McClintock delivers a magnificent slap-down here.


7 Responses to Our Traitorous Congress

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stoutcat, Grand Rants. Grand Rants said: Appalling RT @Stoutcat: Our Traitorous Congress: http://bit.ly/bE2lHq Disgusting. #tcot […]

    • Flash says:

      Everyone of these idiots that gave Calderon a standing ovation should be tried and found guilty of treason. They should be stripped of their positions and all salary / benefits removed. It should also be illegal for any of these traitors to hold public office or be allowed to vote again in America.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    “Jeebus freaking Cripes?”

    Uh-oh… someone I know is going straight to Heck when she dies…

    Sorry… I couldn’t pass that up. But seriously…

    What the hell did all those people fighting and dying in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan give their lives for? Was it not to protect our country from being taken over (in addition to saving the asses of other nations)? We “bent the enemy over” … for what? So that some future GUTLESS Radical Lying Sacks of Turd (AKA Democratic Congress) and their equally radical, gutless leader could demonstrate just how far WE can bend over?

    This country does NOT have a problem with Mexicans moving to this country LEGALLY. They are welcomed here. I live in a community that is now about 90% Mexican and I’m proud to have these kind, hard-working, family-oriented people as my neighbors. And THEY are not happy about the ones who come here illegally, by the way… so if you want to call me racist, you’re calling them racist as well.

    But for Congress to bend over and spread our cheeks in the name of political correctness to enable ILLEGALS to come here with NO recourse or inherent danger of being captured is absurd! ATTENTION AL QAIDA MEMBERS: THE FRIGGIN’ COAST(…uh, better make that BORDER) IS CLEAR!

    I am so disgusted with EVERY member of Congress who stood up and BENT OVER to this HYPOCRITE from Mexico who IMPRISONS anyone who illegally enters HIS country.

    Seriously, It’s time to get rid of EVERY Gol Dang (looks like I’m going to Heck too) DEMOCRAT in Congress, if THAT’S what it takes to save the US from being GIVEN away…

    Simply put, people: Under Che Obama and our current Congress… yes. AMERICA IS SCREWED.
    Totally freakin’ SCREWED.

    Jeebus freaking Cripes, indeed!

  3. […] Traitors, a whole room of them! […]

  4. […] Thank you, Rep. McClintock, for saying to Congress what so many of us were shouting at our televisions and computer screens yesterday. […]

  5. […] Thank you, Rep. McClintock, for saying to Congress what so many of us were shouting at our televisions and computer screens yesterday. […]

  6. Ed Black says:

    One thing everyone seems to be missing. No matter how bad others say we are, The only place anyone wants to come to stay is the United States. AND we let anyone that wants to, to leave of their own free will and accord.

    Communist Soviet Union, wouldn’t let anyone in or out.

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