Liberal Humor: Fiction Only, Please!


Fictional president jokes about daughter and boys, with reference to 82nd Airborne — hilarity ensues!

Actual president jokes about daughters and boys, with reference to predator drones — think of the children!!!

President Obama told a joke. He’s a father, he has daughters, he’s allowed to joke about the situation. Fathers do it all the time. Sadly, 70% of the readers of the Washington Post’s article on this subject found the joke offensive, which suggests to me that liberals only have a sense of humor when it comes to fantasy, but not when it comes to real life.

To which I say, lighten up, Francis!



2 Responses to Liberal Humor: Fiction Only, Please!

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  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    The primary reason for people’s complaint seems to stem from the fact that reportedly a third of the victims of Predator Drones have been Civilians.

    But here’s my take on this: I would hope that if Obama was going to attack the Jonas brothers, he’d use a weapon with a better record of accuracy. Phwack! Problem solved.

    Actually, if people are going to be that overly sensative, I guess the way I would have written it might have caused even more controversy:

    “Jonas Brothers are here, they’re out there somewhere. Sasha and Malia are huge fans, but boys, don’t get any ideas… the administration has one boot on BPs throat, but there’s no shortage of jack-booted thugs in this administration… so you have to ask yourselves: “Do we feel lucky?” Well… DO YOU… PUNKS?”

    Look: Regular readers of this blog know I harbor no great affection for President Obama. But it’s strictly policy oriented. He’s a family man and this event (White House Correspondents Association) is an event known for making jokes. Give Obama a break here, folks. He was trying to be entertaining. If this had been a policy speech, that would have been far different.

    That said, what bothered me more than that, is that in all of his caustic comments, President Obama managed to poke fun at others, but not at himself. Every President I can recall from every WHCA dinner I’ve observed has made a few self-deprecating comments. I guess “The One” has a sense of humor when it comes to ridiculing others, but not himself.

    THAT speaks more to me about his character than the comment about Predator Drones.

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