Tweets of the Day


Best tweets to catch my eye so far today:

@BrentTeichman: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo by turning in 5 illegals make it Cinco De Bye yo.

@TheFlaCracker: Obama said he has a boot on the throat of BP. I wish he would take the other one off of AMERICA

@vadum: It’s Cinco de Mayo. Nobody knows what it means. Many believe it commemorates the invention of tequila.

@JammieWF: Another imbecile runs on the field in Philly. Sadly, no taser this time

@2remainsilent: No Brainer profiling –ANYONE paying cash for a plane ticket leaving in a few hrs.

@2BlueStarMom: What a coincidence! SEIU promotes same thing! @MillMsgr May Day protests in Greece erupt in violence

@GuyKawasaki: Great American pastime: Cardinals, Phillies, and tasers

@weaselzippers: Obama Cares So Much About The Oil Spill That ‘He Never Spotted One Drop Of Oil’ On His Photo-Op

@SissyWillis: NOTHING TO SEE HERE: RT @allahpundit: Uh oh: U.S. exempted BP drilling from environmental study

@amandacarpenter: File under “what GOP was saying all along.” ObamaCare kills jobs, health care innovation

@TheFlaCracker: same LIBIOT song: Illegal? no ID required, Abortion?, no Unltrasound required, POTUS? no birth certificate required

@Vanderleun: “You almost have to feel sorry for the trendy left; they were already smacking their lips in anticipation…”

@jeffemanuel: Not only was Obama biggest recipient of #BP cash in 2008, his admin exempted BP from drilling enviro study

@JoAnneMoretti: Rt @ColorMeRed  How convenient- Shahzad became a citizen at the end of last year JUST before he left for bomb training camp in Pakistan


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