Bias in the Media? What Next!


Our favorite writer, Bill Whittle, takes on media bias. What’s not to love?

“Now, most people think that this left-leaning press bias is a relatively recent phenomenon, but it’s not. And the consequences are not just skewed elections, as if that’s not serious enough, that’s just political ruin. But the consequence of this left-leaning press bias has cost a lot of people their lives–a lot of people…”



8 Responses to Bias in the Media? What Next!

  1. Ge0ffrey says:

    Chris Matthews isn’t a journalist, he’s a commentator with a point of view. You’re going to have to find a better example.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Gee, if you watched the entire video, you’d have known that Chris Matthews was only an example in passing… I think you missed out on the whole point.

  2. Ge0ffrey says:

    On the contrary, I did watch the whole thing. And he keeps going back to Matthews. He also mentions the other left-wing commentators on MSNBC. Big deal. These examples don’t buttress his central argument. Lefties try to do the same thing using Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity. It doesn’t fly. Use “straight” news reporters. There are plenty of examples in the TV news of CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, and in the print journalism of the NY Times, Washington Post et al.

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    Journalist? I don’t think we have ANY Journalists in this country any more.

    Chris Matthews is defined on Wikipedia as a News anchor and Commentator. But then Wikipedia also defines “Hardball” as “a talking-head style cable news show where the moderator advances opinions on a wide range of topics, focusing primarily on current political issues. These issues are discussed with a panel of guests that usually consists of political analysts and sometimes include politicians.”

    Even Wikipedia can’t quite pidgeon-hole Matthews. But the definition of Matthews’ show would put it in a similar category as Glenn Beck’s show. That would seem to make them contemporaries.

    The difference? One show is hosted by a egocentrical buffoon that apparently only the network sees as having any credibility. The other one is hosted by Glenn Beck… a man who sees himself as a buffoon but has helped tens of millions of Americans to wake up and open their eyes to the reality of what is taking place right now before our eyes.

    Matthews, on the other hand, still can’t control the tingling sensation running up his leg.

    Big difference.


    But let’s not delude ourselves… neither is a journalist.

  4. Ge0ffrey says:

    Then let’s confine our arguments to journalists, not commentators, which is what Mr. Whittle should have done. Another thing he hasn’t done is to distinguish the difference between “bias” and “point of view.” Bias is a deliberate distortion.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Ge0ffrey, thanks for your comments. Nice to see a commenter make a reasonable argument– we’re seeing a few commenters today who simply want to call us names, so I appreciate the thought you’re putting into this.

      That said, you missed the whole Walter Duranty / Walter Cronkite nexus?

      • Ge0ffrey says:

        Yes, I saw that part, but that’s, what, 30 seconds? Mr. Whittle needs to omit the other stuff. Otherwise he undermines his argument.

      • Stoutcat says:

        Sorry, Ge0ffrey, Mr. Whittle spends about 2+ minutes on Matthews and the rest of MSNBC and 5+ minutes on Duranty and Cronkite. His argument works for me!

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