Why Do We Waste Time on Ahmadinejad…and the U.N. for That Matter?

All right, I’ll say right from the beginning that one of my core principles in life is not to deal with:

  • The psychotically delusional
  • Boldfaced liars
  • Vicious thugs

There… That’s just me… And for that matter, I dare say that it’s probably you too.

Enter Iran’s president Ahmadinejad in of all places New York City, Monday, May 3rd 2010… And there we were in the person of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Natch we were out there still “talking”. (I guess we still have our “open hand” thrust out for a “laurel, and hearty” handshake.) Ummm… Why are we doing this? When a “leader” like Ahmadinejad says that Iran doesn’t have any homosexuals, he’s either psychotically delusional or a boldfaced liar. The fact that Ahmadinejad is a wildly vicious thug goes without question. So why, oh why are we “talking”?

By the way… Did anyone notice the following:

“Ahmadinejad also had derogatory words for the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) which he said had been “unsuccessful in discharging its responsibilities” because of the influence of the US over its management.

He called for the US to be removed from the agency’s board of governors and subjected to a formal UN rebuke for the use of nuclear threats. He insisted there was not a “single credible proof” that Iran was developing weapons. He said that any attack on “peaceful nuclear facilities” should be met with “a swift reaction from the United Nations and termination of all cooperation of NPT member states with the threatening aggressor state”.

As the Iranian leader spoke, delegations from the US, Britain and other EU states walked out of the conference hall, but his speech was greeted by applause from many of the remaining delegates.”

Why are we wasting time with Ahmadinejad? And why are we wasting both time and money with the U.N.?

It’s got me beat… Like I said, I make it a point to never try to deal with the psychotically delusional, boldfaced liars, and/or vicious thugs… But that’s just me…

Alan Speakman


4 Responses to Why Do We Waste Time on Ahmadinejad…and the U.N. for That Matter?

  1. JC says:

    we still have our “open hand” thrust out for a “laurel, and hearty” handshake.

    Can’t you see that that man is a di…..?!?!

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      The problem, JC, is that Ahmadinejad is a “di…” (your choice of terms) with access to nuclear power. And let’s think back (but not too far back) to a time when another Vicious Thug in that region had access to weapons of mass destruction… and used them (Mustard Gas and nerve agents) on his own citizens in Halabja (1988).

      So yes, Ahmadinejad is that rare trifecta: a raving nutbag who also is delusional and a vicious thug.

      And yet, here is the Obama administration making repeated efforts to approach him on “equal ground.” What, incredibly, Obama and his staff still haven’t figured out is that there is no “Kumbaya moment” to be had with Ahmadinejad. There will be no “sharing beer in the Rose Garden.” There very well may be a nuclear confrontation at some point.

      This is not the time in history for the world’s 800 pound Gorilla to be impotent. So (and I may be roundly criticized for this, but it’s my opinion) if Ahmadinejad is a “di…” as you so accurately describe him, then perhaps we need to acknowledge that, in THIS case anyway, Barack Obama is a limp di… And that does not bode well for our future, or for the future of the middle east.

      Please, someone, give Barry a spinal transplant coupled with a leadership viagra before it’s too late.

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  3. the other Ken says:

    What Ahmadinejad means is that there are no homosexuals in Iran that he knows of. The ones that he did know about have already been hung.

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