Need Inspiration? See “Letters To God”

“Letters To God” – Possibility Pictures

Earlier this week, I attended a private screening for the movie “Letters To God.” There was no lavish party, however. When I say “private screening,” I’m using irony… you see I was the only one in the theater. As the movie was about to begin, I thought, “Great! No pesky ‘talkers, coughers, texters, crying babies and those who feel the darkness of the movie theater is the perfect place to catch up on their tweets.

By the end of the movie, however, I wished every one of the above had been there. THIS is the kind of movie we need more of. It is about hope, redemption and seeing the good in those who can’t find it themselves.

Based on the true story of a young boy battling brain cancer, the film covers his journey… and how his faith and willingness to accept that which he cannot change inspires others in need of serious re-evaluation of their own lives.

There was a time when simple stories of honorable people was enough to bring people to theaters. Sadly (and governing by box office receipts), this no longer ranks anywhere near the top – or middle – of people’s “must see” list, unless it features stars with the clout of a Sandra Bullock, Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep. And that’s sad. While I am a fan of the work of each of the afore-mentioned actors, I’d like to think a good story still can find its audience.

The movie can only be found in the larger cineplexes with a dozen or more screens and, given the limited audience it’s getting, will probably be gone in a week or two. Movie theaters are restricted to a numbers game like so  many other businesses. If a movie isn’t bringing people to buy over-priced refreshments, it’s quickly reduced to matinee only performances, or simply pulled in favor of the latest flick featuring aliens, mass-murder slasher films or inner-city twaddle that only succeeds in lowering the standards our children learn to strive to underachieve.

I would recommend that all people of ANY religious background or conservative group (are you listening fellow tea-partiers?) get off your duffs and get out to see this movie. If you’re not happy with what Hollywood drivel is being shoved down our throats (and the throats of our children), get your church, civic or social groups together and make a night of it. You will be inspired and refreshed to know there are people and families out there like this. There really are. More than likely, YOU are a part of this group if you are reading this. These movies don’t come along very often. It’s time to put your money where your values are. And trust me… it’s no donation to charity. You will leave the theater refreshed and filled with hope.

One caveat: Bring tissues with you. There are numerous points in the film where you will find yourself relating to some of the scenes…

Letters To God: Don’t let it be sent back to the producers marked “Return To Sender… Addressees Unknown.”

Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to Need Inspiration? See “Letters To God”

  1. Abd al-Latif says:

    You say you are a “tea partier.” Don’t you realize that the tea party is a group of people that is against health care for poor children? What do children with cancer do if they don’t have private health insurance? Answer: they get inferior medical care at best (even such care provided by Medicaid is opposed by the tea party), and they die. Are you even conscious of this irony? I guess only the rich kids with cancer should get medical treatment? Tea partiers are tightwads–not only do they begrudge paying a penny in taxes, they generally don’t even contribute to private charities–at least, not as a significant part of their income–and if they do, political causes like the NRA and so on get the lion’s share of tea partiers’ money. If tea partiers are not hearless, then prove it.

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    Mr./Ms. Al-Latif,

    With all due respect, we welcome opposing views to our articles, but only when the person with the opposing views can provide something more than moronic pablum and ad-hominum attacks which accomplish nothing more than to establish you as an blathering idiot with a goal of pushing your extreme-leftist ideology which, as we all know, comes without any evidence to support the ludicrous claims people like you make.

    The irony is that you chose a post that was nothing more than a review about a sweet movie that people of ALL political persuasions should see… as an opportunity to demonstrate your political ignorance.

    In fact, I salute you: the amount of ignorance you were able to insert into one short reply is remarkable. Ordinarily, I would simply dismiss what you wrote with the above and let it go. But since you managed to inject so much ignorance into one response, I feel I must set a few things straight. Sure it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but every now and then I feel a hankering for sea food.

    Still with me?

    You throw out brickbats against Tea Partiers (sic) as if we are all the same. That, alone, establishes your lack of intelligence and your response as suffering from lack of credibility. Even left wing extremists such as yourself come in all sizes, colors and backgrounds.

    So the first thing you’ve done is established yourself as one who categorizes ALL of the people who are pro-Constitution and conservative values as being all the same. Why not just come right out and say, “You all look alike to me” and be done with it? Of course, it won’t be true, but that would just be in keeping with the rest of your rant against people who actually understand what’s going on in the world.

    Fortunately, most people (including, I’m sure, some in the liberal community) don’t go through life like you, spouting lies with no basis to back them up, then predicating your entire response based on an assumption those lies are factual.

    Let’s look at some of your arrogant ignorance:

    You write: “Don’t you realize that the tea party is a group of people that is against health care for poor children?”

    Please tell me: How is it that being against legislation that will do nothing but obliterate our economy while failing to actually accomplish its claimed goals somehow makes us “against health care for poor children?”

    If I thought you were intelligent enough to answer that (or had the character to do so honestly), I might be interested in your response, however we both know neither is the case so let’s just leave that as a rhetorical question.

    The fact is, I think the vast majority of people, conservatives and liberals, realize we need extensive health care reform in this country. But you don’t replace the engine, transmission and CD player in a car that needs a new battery. That’s analogous to what the existing health-care legislation will do. Our economy cannot in ANY way shape, form or manner sustain the cost of implementation.

    You are also probably clueless as to just how deeply in debt this country really is. The middle class is about to go under and, unless we find a way to cut literally TRILLIONS of dollars of unfunded entitlements from the budget, this country will be completely bankrupt before health-care ever gets implemented. But in the midst of this, you would “the government” continue to spend trillions. WE are the government’s checkbook. And it’s been overdrawn for years.

    Incidentally, lest you think I’m bashing only the current administration, the debt we are talking about is attributable to BOTH political parties, NOT just the Democrats. It can be traced back to the policies of the Carter Administration and every Congress since then. Note that I said “every CONGRESS” since then. THAT’s where the money is spent. And that’s why it would serve you well to understand that the recent mid-term election was NOT an endorsement of Republicans, it was a warning to BOTH political parties: The INTELLIGENT American voter is pissed because BOTH sides have been pissing away our future, our children’s futures, and our GRANDCHILDREN’s futures with their reckless deficit spending. To folks like you, however “deficit spending” is just a term and doesn’t mean a thing. Stick around, pal. You (and the rest of the country) are about to find out first-hand what uncontrolled deficit spending leads to. And it ain’t pretty. But hey, don’t let that stop you from demanding more free stuff for folks. More unfunded entitlements… do you even understand what that term means? Of course not. Your ideology begins and ends with “the government should give us free…” Again: WE are the government. And NOTHING is free.

    The difference between “tea partiers” and folks like yourself is that we UNDERSTAND the danger this country is in financially. And people like yourselves are completely oblivious to that fact and think we should continue to spend billions that we don’t have (and haven’t had for years).

    If you would like to pull your head out of your backside for 5 minutes to get a glimpse of reality, read this:

    Then this:

    And be sure to check the links contained in those… oh what am I thinking? You won’t bother to read those articles, will you? That would go against your talking points and agenda.

    Too bad talking points and agenda don’t add up to crap when it comes to the real world.

    But go ahead and keep thinking what you will about those of us who understand the plight of our economy and are trying to reverse course in fading hopes that it’s NOT too late.

    As to your other claims (“Tea partiers are tightwads–not only do they begrudge paying a penny in taxes, they generally don’t even contribute to private charities–at least, not as a significant part of their income–and if they do, political causes like the NRA and so on get the lion’s share of tea partiers’ money.”), that is so ignorant it doesn’t even merit a response other than to say, “DOCUMENT THAT.” You can’t because it’s complete garbage like the rest of your response.


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