More Racist Rednecks in Boston

A few more photos from today’s racist red-necks

This guy can even spell!

Aw, poor kid. No toys for you!

Angry white male

Er, angry white females?

Oh great liberal women!


More racists

Saving the best for last: Party crasher sign FAIL

Only these bozos know what this actually means

What a great day, and what an amazing crowd!



30 Responses to More Racist Rednecks in Boston

  1. Michelle Malkin » How to spot and tag a Tea Party infiltrator says:

    […] from Grand Rants, a look at those “racist rednecks” in Beantown. Posted in: Tea Party Printer Friendly […]

  2. SteveP says:

    Boston is certainly a place where people know first hand what it’s like to be overtaxed.

  3. Betty Ann says:

    Thanks for the pictures. These people make me very proud.

  4. Sabba Hillel says:

    Sarah Bernhardt: Mr Shaw, you and I should make love, for with my looks and your brains we would have wonderful children
    George Bernard Shaw: Aha! But what if the child were born with my looks and your brain?

    Actually, since they admit that Sarah Palin has the looks and we see from their actions that she also has the brains, then the results would still be good.

  5. JC says:

    What a bunch of drooling touchholes. Americans paid LESS in taxes this year, but don’t let the facts get in the way of your stupidity!

    • Stoutcat says:

      JC, it would behoove a new commenter to be a bit more polite in voicing his opinion for the first time here. That said, would you like to provide some links to back up your claim? We’re always glad to hear differing points of view, but if you’re going to make rude and extravagant statements like that, you’d do well to provide some proof of your claims.

  6. JC says:

    Stoutcat, I don’t need a lecture about the “dos and don’ts” on a teabagger’s blog; save your outrage for a talk radio rant or something.

    Got it?

    Oh, and here; learn a little something for a change:

  7. […] More Racist Rednecks in Boston A few more photos from today’s racist red-necks… […]

  8. Ed says:

    Middle class taxes are at historically low levels.

    Sorry to piss on your pity party.

  9. Linda says:

    Obama passed 25 separate tax cuts including $300 billion in middle class tax cuts — one of the largest in history – as part of the stimulus package. Unlike President Bush’s 2001 tax cuts, which went to the wealthiest 2.2%, President Obama’s tax cuts overwhelmingly benefit working and middle class families — in fact, 95% of all Americans.

  10. Birdseed Anarchist says:

    In regards to J.C., just remember that Gandhi quote, “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

  11. JC says:

    Birdseed Anarchist found a Gandhi quote on the Internet! Gandhi, who would undoubtedly think that teabaggers–those assorted gun nuts, racists and right-wing talk radio fanatics–were touchholes, too.

    • Stoutcat says:

      JC, what part of

      “I can make a firm pledge: Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase—not your income taxes, not your payroll taxes, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” Obama campaign promise

      don’t you understand? Barely two weeks into his presidency he broke that promise by raising federal cigarette taxes by 156%; and by signing the disastrous health care bill into law, he has increased at least seven other taxes, at last count.

      By the way, JC: Posting as a sockpuppet is not appreciated. The next time you post under a different name (like Linda or Ed), you will be banned.

  12. greg2213 says:

    Yes, and with all those tax cuts Obama & Co will pay for their insane spending with… prayer? Magic wands? Pretty words?

    From the above linked article. “We know the tax man cometh, and over the next few years, boy, will he be coming with a vengeance,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

    Hatch has it right and the Tea Party types are just a bit ahead of the curve. They know what’s coming.

    Good post, StoutCat

  13. Stoutcat [fake] says:

    Y’know, I’ve changed my mind. Taxes for the middle class really WERE cut! I’ve been wrong about Obama all along…

  14. […] from Grand Rants, a look at those “racist rednecks” in […]

  15. bingosherlock says:

    Actually, the guy with the sign misspelled “racist,” so you might want to reconsider your appraisal of his literacy.

  16. Sam says:

    JC was the only commentator here who made any sense. Taxes have not been raised under Obama for 95% of us.

    Get the facts, people.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Busted and banned, dude.

      • JDM Nappers says:

        Sam you fail at math.
        New Taxes on Cigarettes for everyone who smokes (In effect 4/01/09)
        New Taxes on Liquor for everyone who drinks (In effect 4/01/09)
        -Peter Suderman noted last week, the law raises the threshold for deducting medical expenses from 7.5 percent of income to 10 percent. As a result, people with substantial medical expenses will pay more income tax.
        -New tax on individuals who do not purchase gov’t approved health care: $17 Billion
        -New tax on employers who fail to comply with gov’t health insurance mandates: $52 Billion
        -New 40% excise tax on certain high cost health plans: $32 Billion
        -New ban on the purchase of over the counter drugs using funds from HSA’a and HRA’s: $5 Billion
        -Increase the Medicare tax on wages and selfemployment income by 0.9% and impose 3.8% surtax on certain investment income: $210.2 Billion
        -Increase, from 7.5% to 10% of income, the threshold after which individuals can deduct out-of-pocket expenses: $15.2 Billion
        -Impose a new $2,500 annual cap on FSA contributions: $13 Billion
        -New annual tax on health insurance: $60.1 Billion
        -New annual tax on brand name pharmaceuticals: $27 Billion
        -New 2.3% excise tax on certain medical devices: $20 Billion
        -New 10% tax on indoor UV tanning services: $2.7 Billion
        -New tax on insured and self insured health plans: $2,6 Billion
        -Double the penalty for non-qualified HSA distributions: $1.4 Billion
        -Eliminate the deduction for expenses allocable to Medicare part D subsidy: $4.5 Billion
        -Limit the deduction for compansation to officers, employees and directors of certain health insurance providers: $0.6 Billion
        -Tax hikes in SCHIP law…. Tabacco tax increase and expanded enforcement authority: $65.5 Billion
        -Tax hikes in “Stimulus” bill: Repeal guidance allowing certain taxpayers to claim losses of an acquired corporation: $6.7 Billion
        -Tax Hikes in unemployment benefits law: Federal Unemployment surtaxes extended through June 2011: $2.578 Billion
        -Tax hikes in the HIRE act: Delay of rules to reduce the double taxation of worldwide American employers until 2018: $20.123 Billion
        And when the Bush Tax Cuts Expire
        The exemption on the first $10,000 goes away
        The 10% bracket goes away on the first $20,000 (Becomes 14%)
        (This means $2,800 additional taxes for anyone earning $20,000 or more)

      • Stoutcat says:

        JDM Nappers, thanks for listing lots more of the new taxes that President Obama promised we wouldn’t see.

        (Hint: you only have to submit the comment once. It will show up after a few minutes.)

  17. clawga says:

    Perhaps you assumed he was an ex NASCAR driver. Besides,even if it is spelled wrong, that doesn’t make it less true.

  18. Taylor says:

    Seriously. This is obviously Democrats commenting on these pictures. These are obviously Republicans in these pictures. Why and how would you think that any of these people are racist? Because they dont like being over taxed for stupid things? Because they dont like having their hard earned, well deserved money that they’ve earned through their own efforts taken and distributed among people who are too lazy to go out, find a job,and provide for their family? Take it from people who know, its hard enough to provide for your own famil, providing for other families to? Getting mad about it is understandable, please dont call us racist.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Taylor, the commentary that went with the photos was sarcasm. The left having tried to tar the Tea Parties with the racist tag, I just played along while pointing out their absurdities.

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