The Abject Failure Of Obama’s Presidency – Part 3

“In peace nothing so becomes a man as modest stillness and humility; but when the blast of war blows in our ears, then imitate the action of the tiger; stiffen the sinews, disguise fair nature with hard favour’d rage. . .”
   – William Shakespeare (“Henry V”)

Continuing in our series of 10 tenets by William J. H. Boetcker, defining democracy and how to perpetuate it, today we take a look at numbers 2 and 3.

#2. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong   

In his world-wide apology tours of last year, President Obama committed to reducing America’s military might as a sign of our committment to world peace. How he expects to convince other nations to join us sitting around the campfire to sing Kumbaya is still a mystery.

The last time I checked, the middle east was still a tinderbox and the only things keeping it from becoming a complete mushroom cloud has been the other nations’ respect for our strength and knowledge of our history of using it when necessary to protect our land and those nations unable to defend themselves. When the Japanese surrendered to us in August 1945, it wasn’t because America had reduced its weapons. Indeed it was just the opposite… it was our strength that brought them to the decks of the USS Missouri.    

#3. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.

This is the cornerstone of the Socialist manifesto subscribed to by Barack Obama: “I think spreading the wealth around is a good thing!” he told Joe Wurzlebacher. And his actions since taking office show that he intends to punish every individual in the United States who has worked hard to achieve the American dream so that those less fortunate can be rewarded for their lack of achievement.

Note to liberals: Yes, I know there are many Americans in desperate need of assistance, especially in this recession. No one is suggesting we turn our backs on these people.  America is the most charitable nation in the world (according to USA Today and MS-NBC).  And we are that charitable on a voluntary basis. We don’t need a mandate from our elected leaders forcing us to turn over the fruit of our labor to the government to decided who to give it to. We don’t need a federal middleman to take a cut of our donations, thank you.   

There are numerous examples of our generosity, but here’s just one germane to this particular tenet: The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, with an endowment of $33.5 Billion. In 2007, the two founders (Bill and Melinda Gates) were listed as the second most generous philanthropists in America. No government intervention required them to spread that wealth around. Under Barack Obama’s vision, no one would even be able to achieve the kind of wealth accomplished by Gates. Rather, the spoils of Gates victory would be grabbed by the government to be spent as seen fit by bureaucrats such mighty intellects:  

What could possibly go wrong with people like this handling our wealth instead of us?  

Gerry Ashley


5 Responses to The Abject Failure Of Obama’s Presidency – Part 3

  1. the other Ken says:

    That was a rather interesting metaphor previously posted in the comments here… I was speechless 😉

  2. Gerry Ashley says:

    And you probably understand why it was removed. It was a spammer. Apparently we’re being targeted for harassment by spamninators. If so, we’ll wear it as a badge of accomplishment, for it means they are reading us and what we’re writing is having an impact. It just goes to show you, the truth will always “out” the charlatans and con artists. Even if the mainstream media still refuses to face the facts regarding “The One,” the truth is there… and here.

    My goal is to post the verifiable truth. Let the reader decide for him or herself as to what they believe. But know that once armed with the truth, a person will define him/herself based on the choices they make.

  3. Tom says:

    When watching the video of Mr. Johnson make a fool of himself, I couldn’t help but be struck by the incredible self restraint of the military officer being questioned. How he managed to proceed in the face of such ignorance without choking with laughter is a marvel, to be sure.

    The rhetorical question with which you ended this rant is the bright light in the night that always catches by surprise the people who support this takeover of our health industry . They cannot, of course, defend people like the congressman, and inevitably fall back on the errant belief that the authority of government will somehow become virtuous, responsible, and wise.

    Wishing it to be so is a fools pastime. In my 67 years, I have only seen the decline of all three in government at every level.

  4. name removed says:

    Review: (name removed) Credit Union I have banked with (name of business removed) for a couple of fyears and just recently went there to refinance my vehicle. I was very pleased with their service and have recommended them to many people. I have yet to experience any problems with them and enjoy doing ….

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Yeah, that’s nice. Unfortunately that has nothing to do with the topic of discussion or Grand Rants.

      The fact is, in this day and age of scams (on-line and otherwise), one has to wonder about the credibility of ANY business that has to try to market themselves with this kind of technique. If you have something to add to this discussion, we welcome you. Otherwise, please try your questionable promotional techniques elsewhere. Thanks.

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