Whose Revolution Is It, Anyway?

You say you want a revolution, well, you know…
We all want to change the world.

If you’re having a hard time making heads or tails out of what’s going on in this country, you’re in good company. The basic issue is that Barack Obama has turned things completely upside down. Allow me to explain:

What IS A Revolution?

The dictionary defines revolution as “an overthrow or repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.’ (emphasis mine)

There’s a revolution going on before our eyes. But it’s the people IN the government that are running the revolution:

  • Barack Obama has nationalized numerous banks, plus two automobile manufacturers (and seized the stocks from stockholders, issuing them to the government and the auto workers’ union).
  • Congress has just grabbed control of the soon-to-die-a-horrible-death health care system that, until now, has been the envy of the world. They’ve done it with a horrendous health care reform bill that the clear majority of we, the governed, have made clear we do not want. With that singular takeover, the federal government has also captured about 1/6th of the nations economy. The government will now force people to buy health insurance or be fined. If we can’t or won’t pay the fine, the IRS can have our property seized or put us in prison. Hint: Take prison, and you’ll get… that’s right… FREE HEALTH CARE.
  • In the same bill, Congress has managed to give the federal government ownership of the entire student loan industry (which, when implemented, stands to put tens of thousands of people out of work).
  • Emboldened by this success, watch for Obama and Congress team up quickly to pass “Cap and Trade” which will give the government the right to tell you how much energy you are allowed to use in industry before having to pay fines in the form of “Carbon Credits” (purchased, conveniently, through Al Gore’s new business which should make him a billionaire).
  • Also look for Obama and Congress to team up on an amnesty program to make the illegal aliens citizens–in effect, buying their votes for the fall (or 2012 Presidential) elections.  The hope is that illegal aliens from Mexico (estimated anywhere from 12 million to 40 million depending on what sources you use) will all vote Democrat in their gratitude for being rewarded for coming here illegally.

You tell me that it’s evolution. well, you know…
We all wanna change the world.

That gasping, wheezing sound you hear is capitalism and the free-enterprise system as we know them, struggling and dying, followed in their throes by those who will be deemed expendable in a new age of healthcare reform where “government experts” and not your ability to buy your own health insurance will decide who should be given the chance to live. It is the very destruction of everything America has stood for over the past two-plus centuries

But when you talk about destruction
Don’t you know that you can count me OUT!

It’s Obama and the Democratic Run Amok Congress tearing down democracy; and it’s We The People trying to save it. Yet those of us dedicated to fighting this “fundamental changing of America” (as Obama refers to it) are labeled racists for wanting to preserve our freedom, the free-enterprise system, capitalism, democracy, and the Constitution.

So just who are the revolutionaries here? Obama and the Democratic Congress or “We The People?”

Perhaps John Lennon can answer that (are you listening Anita Dunn and Ron Bloom?):

But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao
You ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow…

Ironically, it’s the Obama regime and Congress that have decided to spurn the rules and ignore the Constitution to accomplish much of their damage. But we “racist revolutionaries” (in his supporters eyes) will be the ones to turn things around in the only way a revolution should be done in a democracy: via the ballot box this November.  

 It will be a long road back, but it will show the world that true democracy can overcome tyranny. And eventually, Barack Obama will take his rightful place in the dump heap of failed leaders who dedicated themselves to a failed ideology.  

Gerry Ashley
(If we stand united), don’t you know  it’s gonna be… all right!

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