Losing a Battle, Winning a War


I find myself horrified to be thinking about a segment of American society as “the enemy” and to talk about being “at war” with that segment.  And yet, that is exactly what we are facing at this point in history.

The majority party in the Executive and Legislative branches of our government have made clear their hostile intent toward the American people: their goal, to continue to inflict damage to our country, to our people, and to our Constitution. They are so enamored of their growing power that there is very little that any one section of the electorate could say that would stay them from their disastrous course.

And they are so full of themselves and their Pyrrhic victory–which included those well-loved Consitutional tactics of arm-twisting, threats, bribes, pay-offs, quid-pro-quo, and no doubt a few Scooby snacks for Biden–that they take no thought for the actual will of the people, the palpable  mood of the people, the smoldering ire of the people.

How I wish that Pelosi or Obama, after the vote on Sunday night, had said something like this:

“I truly regret that we were forced to go to such lengths to get this vital bill passed. I wish we had been able to garner bi-partisan support for it, as well as the general support of the American people. However, since no such support was forthcoming, I felt it necessary to pass this bill in any way I could. The victory is lessened by that lack of support, and yet, since this healthcare initiative is so important to America, I am grateful that it did pass. And I hope that in the days and months and years to come, that more and more Americans will accept and even appreciate this outcome.”

What effect would a statement like that have had on the majority of Americans who believe that this abomination of a bill was stuffed down our throats in direct opposition to the well-documented, unmistakably-voiced will of the people? Might it have poured at least a bit of oil on these very troubled waters? Assuaged some of the bitter anger that is now, as it has been for nearly a year, simmering inside some of us?

We’ll never know, because it never occurred to either Pelosi or Obama to say anything even remotely resembling that. In their eagerness to attain more power by absorbing one sixth of the economy under the auspices of the federal government, they took the DC equivalent of an in-your-face victory lap. In other words: “We won.”

And just an hour ago, at the official signing of the healthcare bill into law, Obama and Biden drooled all over each other in an absolute frenzy of self-congratulation over such a historic event, while shills and sycophants cheered them on, further alienating even the most moderate among us.

So we are reminded once again, however obliquely, that votes (and elections) have consequenses. And come November, I believe that we the people will be able to re-acquaint the Presdident and Congresswith that very fact.

We may have lost this particular battle. But in the new War for America, we will win.



4 Responses to Losing a Battle, Winning a War

  1. jonolan says:

    You make the mistake of thinking of them as anything other than enemies of the American people. I presume this is a delusion that has no passed.

    Do not be too sure that we will win though; complacency is one of our greatest foes. We must stay ever vigilant and ever ready to harm the nations enemies whenever and however we get the chance to.

    This is a war for our country and our legacy for our children. It must be fought without respite, without qualms, and without any thought of granting quarter to America’s enemies.

  2. […] that Pelosi’s victory could have changed the legislative landscape permanently as a result. I worry that they will be emboldened in victory. As Louise Slaughter boldly proclaimed: There is nothing now that we can’t tackle. Liberals […]

  3. Birdseed Anarchist says:

    The key word here is “WAR”. Will this be an endless war of words between a divided country or will it get ugly(violent)? Will the fall elections be enough to turn this around? We are at a scary point in history.

  4. jonolan says:

    All momentous times carry with them a certain fearsomeness. Do not succumb it.

    Personally, I do not think the November elections will stave off the pending violence. Rather, I believe that the campaigns for those elections will spark the violence.

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