“This Is History”


Rep. Paul Ryan, from the House Floor last night. He hits so many nails square on the head that he’s practically built himself a house.

“We have seen this movie before, and we know how it ends…

“[T]he quest to reclaim the American ideal is not over. The fight to re-apply our founding principles is not finished. It is just a steeper hill to climb, and it is a climb that we will make.”

Clearly, Paul Ryan is one of those who hears us. Could he be a Presidential contender in 2012?


H/T: @ErickaAndersen via Twitter

3 Responses to “This Is History”

  1. Steve Spontak says:

    Spot on. Let us hope that Americans do not develop amnesia prior to November, as seemed to happen after 9/11. Let’s hope this is a ship that we can sink or bring back to port.

  2. Tom says:

    If any of you think that this administration and this congress are going to let a silly little thing like an election upset their applecart, I want some of what you’re smokin’! They have to now protect their illegitimate offspring, by negating any chance for successive congresses to repeal or roll back. If that can’t be done fast enough, I predict that they will find any excuse to suspend, postpone…whatever, the election. They have waited for, what?, eighty years to get this health care grab. No way are they going to submit to the vagaries of we unenlightened citizens at the polling booths.

  3. […] as a smokescreen for their real agenda which is income redistribution and soaking the rich and bankrupting the country since they could care a tinker’s cuss about the uninsured, all they really wanted was a big […]

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