Weekend Slaughter – Obamacare Climax Sunday?

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We’ve got a big week-end in store for us. You’ve heard of the “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.” Well, now get ready for the “St. Patrick’s Day Week-end Slaughter.” Translation: If President Obama and the Democratic Congress have their way, by Monday, healthcare reform will be a done deal, compliments of the Slaughter Rule. In a very real sense, they are out to slaughter health care as we know it. And given some of the aspects of this bill, democracy itself is in serious danger.

They just ask you not to look at the method used to accomplish this goal. A lesser person might think something fishy is happening here.

They also want to assure you: There’s nothing to see here, folks… just keep moving along now.

Look, fellow citizens. It’s crunch time. This is the moment we’ve known was coming since before the B.O. Presidency began. It’s now or never. Contact your Senators and the Representatives–not just the one from your district, but all your state’s Reps. Let them know firmly but politely your views on not just the bill, but the sleight of hand used to accomplish it.  Track how your Senators and Representatives vote. And get ready to hit the ground running next week. Because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light’s name is the United States Constitution.

With the support of Republican members of Congress,  radio talk show host Mark Levin (who is also an attorney and author of the best seller “Liberty and Tyranny”) is preparing a legal challenge to be filed the moment Obama signs this Obamanation into law.

And Levin, who is also President of the Landmark Legal Foundation, is just the man to lead this challenge. According to Wikipedia, Levin:

“…served as adviser to several members of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet, eventually becoming Associate Director of Presidential Personnel and ultimately Chief of Staff to Attorney General Edwin Meese

If you don’t already listen to his radio talk show, I urge you to do so, but also go to Levin’s web site as it is chock full of verified information which should reassure you we are on the right side of the issue and victory will ultimately be ours.

As the direct beneficiaries of the ultimate democracy in the world, it is paramount that We the People roll up our sleeves and show character approaching that of those who got us through World War II. There are some who say we no longer have that character. Sadly, to a large degree they are right. But we had better FIND that character in each of us. And the time is now. For if we don’t make a stand here and now, democracy, as this world knows it, will have been dealt a potentially lethal blow.  And the bloodshed it would take to re-establish any form of democracy anywhere in the world again would be nothing short of apocalyptic.

This is not the time to turn our heads away. It’s time to take our place on the battle lines. And when we defeat healthcare reform, we might just want to take a good hard look at Congressional Reform. Starting this fall.

UPDATE: Malkin weighs in, and hits a home run right off the bat:

If you cannot trust government’s numbers, you cannot trust government’s words. This is the lesson of the House Democrats’ desperate promotion of a phony-baloney, Congressional Budget Office analysis of their latest health care takeover package.

Gerry Ashley


One Response to Weekend Slaughter – Obamacare Climax Sunday?

  1. Ed McNiff says:

    Bravo! Especially on the suggestion of Congressional Reform. We need THAT more than anything else.

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