By Any Means Necessary


It’s simply a power-grab, by any means necessary, for our current crop of corrupt Congressmen. Remember, the ends justify the means. Do whatever it takes, even if that means a complete end-run around the democratic process. Rule of law be damned, just get it done.

For the first time, I truly fear for the future of America.


H/T: The Other McCain, who has more good stuff.


One Response to By Any Means Necessary

  1. Tom says:

    Stoutcat, you’re right to fear for our future. We all should be fearful. Truth is, however, we are coming to the fear table way too late. We, those of us who believe in our Constitution and our republican democracy as ORIGINALLY designed, foolishly perhaps, thought that a day such as this could never, would never come. We made our way through our lives blind to the insidious machinations of the left wing take over of our schools. By getting to our children, they insured this day would come, this day when a president in name only would leverage a congress in name only to conduct the biggest power grab in our history, all outside the bounds of constitutionality.

    Now, we’re going to have to suffer greatly because of our blindness. Suffer tomorrow and perhaps for all time. This precious national and world entity, the USA, may never be able to shine again, because like all jewels, it was fragile, demanding the utmost of care. We failed to do so.

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