And You Thought GAY Marriage Was Unusual?

Given the nature of what’s going on in politics today, sometimes it helps to remind ourselves (as well as our readers)  that our motto here at Grand Rants is “Our World Discussed.” Not “Our World Disgust.”

Got it?

It’s important to make sure we all understand the not-so-subtle difference because sometimes I come across things so oddly bizarre, I just can’t turn my head the other way. Given the depressing freak show in Washington, I think I found just the bizarre story to take my mind off forced health-care for a moment.

Witness this photo for example:

"Do You Take This Pillow...?"

What you are seeing is a young Korean man who just married his pillow.  (How’s that again” Oh yeah… our world “Discussed,” not “Disgust”).

According to the UK publication, METRO, 28 year-old Lee Jin-Gyu married his ‘dakimakura’ – a kind of large, huggable pillow from Japan with a picture of a popular anime character named “Fate Testarossa” printed on the front.

Discussed, not Disgust.
Discussed, not Disgust.
(Say it with me, now…)
Discussed, not Disgust.
Disc… aw the hell with it!

This has to be particularly grating for gay couples in this supposedly “free” land of America who have to move to a different state to legally marry.  Unfortunately, it also just validated the comments of anti-gay groups who ask, “Where will it end? Today you marry gay couples… what’s next? Marry your dog?

(Note to myself: When Cooper climbs up to sleep on the bed with me tonight, no matter how hard he wags his tail, make it very clear – very clear – we’re “just friends.”)

I’m sure the late-night comics are preparing some great lines about this:

  • The Groom’s parents were dead set against the marriage. After all, he’s Buddist and she’s Goosedown…
  • During the vows, he promised to Love, Cherish, and launder her twice weekly…
  • He’s from Seoul, she’s from JC Penny.
  • For those of you wishing to send a little something in honor of their marriage, they are pleased to announce that they are registered at Bed, Bath & WAY Beyond
  • She’s actually been married once before, but it ended in a pillow fight.
  • There were rumors of additional incidents of spousal abuse in that marriage (which she denies, yet she can’t explain several minor bleach scars).
  • The couple plans to adopt the two pin-cushions from her previous marriage.
  • The maid of honor was a duvet from Daejeon.

One just has to wonder if this otaku (a Japanese term for ‘obsessive’ or ‘nerd’) isn’t somehow related to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il.

Gerry Ashley


2 Responses to And You Thought GAY Marriage Was Unusual?

  1. Hey!

    I’ve heard of this couple… They use a pillow case as a prophylactic!


    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Please don’t tell me it’s a “ribbed” pillow case…

      You know, this guy is already the laughing stock of the planet… he’s got nowhere to go if this marriage doesn’t work out. I mean, just think if the pillow leaves him for a lesbian relationship with a sofa cushion. Hey, it could happen…

      Let’s hope they at least make it to the one-year anniversary. What’s the gift for the first anniversary between dork and pillow… Percale?

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