Beware The Ides Of March – And Beyond

Obama Is Getting Angrier And Angrier... (Photo Source: Foxnews)

I was looking at Stoutcat’s earlier post, Insolence of Office, and was about to add my thoughts about that “halo” that appears to encircle “The Chosen One’s head.

Actually, if you look closely at the picture, that’s not a halo as was previously assumed. It turns out, it’s the atmospheric  fog he exists in from being in over his head.

Therein lies a potential danger, and I think it’s time to get serious: Obama is on a mission. He (and his ego) cannot accept anything less than victory in his quest. Sure, he fumbles about the Presidency, not knowing when to bow and when not to. Sure, he does little more than apologize to our adversaries for the great accomplishments of The United States. And yes, it has already come back to bite him in the asterisk.

In 2008, and with a society growing weary of the war in Iraq (which they conveniently forget they supported), Obama probably figured he could walk into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and declare whatever he wanted. He didn’t count on America waking up, however. Young, middle age, old, it doesn’t matter. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence now knows we’ve been duped.


Obama didn’t plan on losing the public’s support so soon. I believe he figured he had at least one term, maybe two to get his deeds done. But this past year has caused him to accelerate his agenda. And that means the sharp pain you feel attempting its way into your backside is more than just healthcare. It’s Cap and Trade. It’s Nationalization of our economy. It’s the whole enchillada, folks. Obama’s getting desperate. And when desperate tyrants don’t get their way, they get angry and vengeful. And when they get angry and vengeful, they tend to pull out all the stops.

With mid-term elections just around the corner, time has become another factor. Dissent is starting to show in the Democrat ranks as members of the House and Senate ponder their own political futures. They aren’t nearly as likely to let Obama throw them under the bus to get his way as they once were,  and this is only making Obama more frustrated and furious.

Speculation is that Obama has raided the coffers of last year’s “Stimulus package” in order to buy or bribe support for his dream of health-care legislation… a cornerstone of his administration.

Make Way For The Healthcare Express - Source: San Diego Tribune

If Healthcare goes down to defeat this time around, Obama’s entire Presidency is in jeopardy. And even though he would like us to believe he is “laser-focused on jobs,” anyone with an IQ in double digits or above can see this is not the focus of his attention.

More and more, it’s becoming painfully obvious that the emperor has no clothes. Or health care. Or even the support of many of those who voted for him.

These are desperate times for President Obama. He’s already implemented desperate measures behind closed doors that appear to be little more than outright bribes, the most obvious of which are:

However, it’s the next act(s) of desperation we need to be concerned with.

My guess is we’re entering an era of new desperate measures by the Obama administration. Look for the President to push the Healthcare vote within the next two weeks, and if it fails to garner enough votes for a simple majority, look for him to throw America under the bus and use reconciliation or an executive order to implement the legislation that is likely to achieve his goal… not of providing affordable  healthcare, but enacting legislation that will bankrupt the United States economy once and for all.

Whether it’s healthcare that bankrupts our economy, or a President who’s about to explode, my fear is that something wicked this way comes.

Gerry Ashley


4 Responses to Beware The Ides Of March – And Beyond

  1. misterdregs says:

    For the first time in my life, I have considered the possibility of a move by the US military to intervene against the CIC in the event of unconstitutional acts by this administration. The lack of support for the legislature, courts and military against the unconstitutional acts of the president of Honduras shows where Obama’s sympathies and instincts lie.

    • the other Ken says:

      There are other remedies for these events that do not involve the military misterdregs. Use your voice, speak out, contact your representatives and register your displeasure in the strongest terms possible but be patient and let the system work. Eventually there will be lawsuits and, if necessary, congressional actions that will be able to correct the excesses of this administration.

  2. bangbroserqw says:

    Thanks For This Post, was added to my bookmarks.

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