Obama Vs Bush – A Study In Contrasts

Liberals never miss a chance to mock  and belittle former President George W. Bush.  And it didn’t help that he would frequently appear awkward in public, whether it was trying to walk off-stage to a locked door after a Press Conference or get tongue-tied while mixing his metaphors.

Still, there was something genuine about “W” that said to me, “The guy may  be flawed, but he’s real and when he tells you something, you know you can take it to the bank.

And there’s something else about “W” that I couldn’t quite put my finger on… but an e-mail circulating has hit the nail on the head. Comparing “W” with Obama, “W” comes off as real. Approachable. Willing to listen as much as he talks. These are all things Obama is NOT.

And here’s a classic case study in contrast. The “Elitist, effete, Obama” compared to… well look for yourself.

Truth in advertising: I’ve modified the text from the e-mail, but just a bit and it’s for emphasis only.

He seems aloof. Of course, Obama supporters pointed out that this was just me being a racist tea-bagger. But judge for yourself:

School Speech By Obama
  • Presidential Podium. You don’t expect me to just stand here and talk out in the open, do you? I’m the President, Damn it!
  • Presidential rug. Gotta have the rug! It completes the image we’re trying to create here.
  • Teleprompters. What am I… supposed to speak candidly with these kids? Of COURSE I want my teleprompter. NOW!  Speaking of kids…
  • No kids allowed within 20 feet.
  • I’ve got my Secret Service Agents to make sure no little school kid comes up to me. Could have a bomb strapped to him, ya know?
  • No… no American flag behind me.  Thanks.
School Speech By Bush

Notice any differences?

Yeah, me too:

  • No Need For Presidential Podium – No special rug necessasry. The Kids will recognize me.  If not, their folks will tell them when they get older.
  • Teleprompters? No thanks… I’m talking to the kids, not making a campaign speech. ‘
  • C’mon, kids – gather around
  • Presidential rug” Are you kidding? What kind of egotistical Fop would need to have that when talking to kids?
  • Secret Service guy? Where? He’s nearby if I need him.
  • Audio system? Got something here at the school I can use? That’ll be fine, thanks
  • I’d like to have an American flag behind me.  Thanks.

Yeah, I miss him. And I’m not afraid to say it. But I miss Ronald Reagan so much more in these times. Mmm-Mmm-Mmm…

Gerry Ashley


17 Responses to Obama Vs Bush – A Study In Contrasts

  1. Annie says:

    If the quotes are genuine and for this comment, I will assume they are, all they do is show that President Obama thinks carefully before he acts, whereas President George W Bush tended to shoot from the hip.

    Given that the US President has the means to blow us all to Kingdom Come several times, any right-thinking person would prefer the US President to think carefully before he pulled the nuclear trigger.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Ah! Finally we agree on one thing! Obama thinks carefully before he acts. Yes, indeed. He thought carefully about what lies during the campaign would pull the wool over the eyes of gullible liberals to get them to vote for him.

      Since taking office, he has lied consistently to the American public both in words and actions.

      Here’s once source for you that lists and documents some of them. This will get you started:


      Or, if that’s too much reading for you, try these youtube videos:

      • Annie says:


        I see you are now calling President Obama a: ‘liar’ who has: ‘pulled the wool over the eyes of the gullible…’

        When similar rabble-rousing slurs were laid against President Obama’s character during the presidential campaign, I recall his opponent,Senator John McCain, defending him thus:

        ‘[Barack Obama] is a decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared about as President of the United States… He’s a decent, family man, citizen …’

        I assume you do not consider Senator McCain to be one of the ‘gullible’ or to be ill-informed.

        In earlier postings you repeatedly accused Senator Harry Reid for being a traitor just because he publicly questioned his then President’s military strategy.

        You are now directly calling the President of the United States a liar.

        Using your own standards are you now not calling yourself a traitor?

      • Gerry Ashley says:

        Annie, I’m not just calling him a liar, I am providing evidence. Of course, I’m sure you fail to see it. Blinders do that to those who insist on wearing them.

        As for McCain’s comments,
        A.) They were made before most of the lies were exposed.
        B.) He’s a politician. That’s the kind of thing a decent man (even if a politician) says when he realizes his opponent has the upper hand. McCain said a lot of things I disagree with. And this was one of the most incredible things. But hey, grab onto it! Great sound bite if that’s all you can come up with.

        And I see you have an inability to interpret what’s right in front of you. I did not accuse Reid of being a Traitor “just because he publicly questioned his then President…”

        I accused him of being a traitor for using his position as a U.S. Senator to bring aid and comfort to the enemy by standing in the halls of Congress and publicly stating for the media that “The War Is Lost” when it was far from it.

        Your attempt to draw an analogy between that and my calling the President a Liar (with the video evidence to prove it) is feeble at best.

        We get it, Annie. You’re an Obama plant, one who, unfortunately, repeatedly brings nothing of value to the table other than a grade-school attempt to twist words. Sad, really.

    • Alan Speakman says:

      Annie, you wrote:

      “If the quotes are genuine and for this comment, I will assume they are, all they do is show that President Obama thinks carefully before he acts…”

      Thinking before he acts??? Are we even talking about the same person???

      * “57 states” Obama?
      * Or maybe the “$40,000 amputation” Obama?
      * Or maybe “C-Span” Obama?
      * Or maybe “No lobbyists on his staff” Obama?
      * Or “Public funding” Obama?
      * Or “Van Jones” Obama?
      * Or “Tom Daschle” Obama?
      * Or “5 Days” Obama?
      * Or “Tea Parties, what tea parties?” Obama?
      * Or “Navy corpse-men” Obama?
      * Or…

      Bottom line Annie… You don’t have the courage to face down your agenda… Grand Rants is a Blog for people who have the guts to admit that their party and it’s affiliations are screwed up. (As we do concerning Dubya and the border for just one example.)

      Gerry has wasted more than enough time…

      I’ll give you the last word (if you dare make it), and then we’ll shut down this thread.

      Alan Speakman, Grand Rants

      • Annie says:

        It’s clear my postings have not been read properly so I will repeat.
        Though I have great affection for America, I am not American.
        I am British, I live in the UK.
        Like any foreigner, I can never fully understand the nuances of your political system, let alone to claim loyalty to any US political party or to understand the implications of the sound-bites you list above.
        I have tried to comply with the published rules for Grand Rants including being polite and on-topic.

        However, as a guest in your country’s blog, it would be impolite of me to publicly accuse any of your parties of ‘screws-up’.
        I will not be bounced into so doing.

  2. Steve Spontak says:

    I, too, miss President G. W. Bush. His candid honesty, his ability to “do the right thing” (even if he was going to get slammed by the MSM), and his faith let me know that we were in good hands. He not only answered to the USA, but to a higher authority; thus his standard of conduct and belief was higher than BO’s. I think BO’s higher authority is himself and whatever Marxian ideas he holds sacred. Really scary for our country.

  3. Kitty Darst says:

    The more Secret Service agents the better. Tea Party (and other) racists are pretty frightening. Obama should have what he wants for a speech, even to kids. Isn’t it better to have someone who knows what he’s talking about, in preference to G. W. Bush?

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      You write: “Tea Party (and other) racists…”

      To assume that anyone who attends the events where people are concerned about their country being taken down the road to socialism is automatically a racist automatically defines you as a person too lazy to do any real research – and, as a result, you bring nothing to the table. This is not a blog for sound bite explanations. You either bring something intelligent to the table or you’re done.

      You’re done.

      Thanks for stopping by, we have some lovely parting gifts for you:
      Government run auto industry
      Government run banks and
      Government run health care.
      Given enough time (and enough supporters who let the administration do their thinking on their behalf), it will soon become, “Welcome to the old Soviet Union.”

      Please – don’t bother to respond unless you have something factual to offer. Ad hominem attacks on people and labeling them racists for opposing a President’s socialist agenda- when you have NOTHING to offer in its place is a complete waste of our reader’s time.

      Feel free to respond when you can bring to the table something more than a Janeane Garafalo sound bite.

  4. Gerry Ashley says:

    Well. Ken, anybody can come up with a laundry list of sound bites. I prefer facts that can be documented. Sound bites are a waste of time and resolve nothing. Same with talking points. Give me substance or don’t bother. And the last few responses were nothing more than talking points and sound bites. We’ve all heard them, but they don’t hold true and can’t be universally applied like disinfectant on wounds.

  5. Annie says:

    Your stringing a load of links together has the same effect on me as a list of sound bites does on you…
    And I am too far removed from the nuances of your local politics to begin to understand the subtleties of whatever point it is that you are trying to make through them.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Update: Annie, if by saying you are too far removed from the nuances of our local politics, you mean you don’t live here in the US, let me apologize for assuming you are an American living in the US. It doesn’t really change a lot, except that you have not been exposed to the reality of what’s going on here. You merely get to see and read the sound bites from the mainstream media which has, at this point, sold out to the liberal agenda. To have ANYTHING of value to add to the discussion will require you do some research which, I can tell, you have not done.

      That said, I’ll be happy to explain my post to you:

      First, I started to list and document the various lies that Obama has told. The list got too long and I really don’t have the time to waste on this if you refuse to acknowledge the truth when it’s presented in text. (If, again, you are outside the US, you would have to do some research to get the gist of what’s really going on here. It’s far from just Left VS Right or Libs VS Conservatives or Dems VS Republicans. If you aren’t aware of Obama’s upbringing, how he has spent his time in politics, his close adherence to a Socialist philosophy as presented by his self-proclaimed hero Radical Soclialist Saul Alinsky, then you might actually believe the smokescreen speeches he carefully crafted and continues to use.

      What’s at stake here is the very future of this country. But he’s wearing two very different masks as he goes along, trying to be all things to all people.

      Example: On February 18th, Obama signed an executive order creating the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. At the signing, he spoke to the importance of cutting spending and getting control over our federal budget. So you will not feel I am taking words out of context, here is a link to the full speech given by President Obama:


      Of course, he used this opportunity to once again bash Bush and totally ignore the irresponsibility of the Clinton administration who put the supercharger on Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac’s REQUIREMENT to make risky loans to low-income people who clearly would not qualify for mortgages in any responsible environment. THAT, by the way, and NOT the Iraq war is the source of this country’s biggest economic drain.

      Nevertheless, the speech sounded great, like he’s really interested in getting control of our spiraling debt.

      And yet, he still wants to push the health care legislation through even though the American public is overwhelmingly against doing so right now…

      Obama insists that this new plan will cover of millions of people who can’t afford coverage – and incredibly, he will implement this plan in a way that will REDUCE our deficit.

      The Congressional Budget Office (a bi-partisan organization) recently re-examined the numbers and has come out stating this plan will, in fact, add TRILLIONS (with a “T”) of dollars to our debt. This will push us over the edge of no return fiscally. The Obama administration’s official response? We can no longer trust information coming from the Congressional Budget Office.

      Why, then, would he do this? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to add these numbers and it just doesn’t add up until you take into consideration that Obama’s actions have shown a distinct connection to the socialist agenda of Saul Alinsky. Here it is, in a nutshell:
      For the United States government to take control of our Health Industry would represent fully 1/6th of our economy being taken over by the government with the stroke of a pen. THAT is the superhighway to Socialism. That is NOT defending and protecting the Constitution, which is his sworn oath.

      The earlier reply to you with the references to youtube videos uses Obama’s own statements to illustrate his propensity to tell whatever lie is convenient at that moment. If you want to challenge those quotes, you will have to take it up with “The Chosen One.” But most thinking, reasoning people in this country have awakened to discover “the emperor has no clothes.” Worse, he’s intentionally taking this country over the edge financially. Once he has done that, logic would imply he probably is thinking, “Everyone will rely on the government to get by… and that’s exactly when Socialism replaces democracy… and without a shot being fired.

      But my fear is that before it gets to that point, there WILL be shots fired as there are just too many Americans who will NOT just stand by and watch as the current administration attempts a coupe-de-grace on Democracy.

      As such, look for Obama to do a full court press on eliminating the right to bear arms (the second ammendment in the Constitution, a document which Obama doesn’t seem to want to acknowledge).

      Again, if you do live outside the country, you MUST do significant research before you will truly know of what you speak in regards to Obama. If my replies to you have been less than polite, it’s because there’s a lot at stake here and I don’t have time to exchange pleasantries or anything else with people who come across as uninformed or worse, choosing to ignore the existing information, much of it provided by Obama himself.

      Final point. The original purpose of this rant? It started as a satire designed to illustrate, in a humorous manner, the differences between Bush and Obama’s style when speaking to grade-school children…

      What’s going on in today’s world is not about Bush any longer. It’s not Bush VS Obama. Obama won the election in which Bush was not even a candidate. It’s just another smoke screen that Obama supporters throw up to try to draw attention away from the horrific inexperience and inadequacies of the Obama administration.

      That said, please know that I am NOT a Republican (I have no political party affiliation and am registered as an independent). I have no axe to grind with regards to ANY political party and if you read my other posts dating back to the beginning of Grand Rants, there are times I’ve taken the republicans (including Bush) to task. But I do lean more towards the Republican belief (which has been shown to be true many times) that you don’t tax your way out of a recession, nor does the government BUY their way out with spending of taxpayer dollars. The way you recover is to make it easier for companies to hire additional workers, by lowering their corporate taxes so they have the money to hire. Lower taxes for small businesses that are growing leads to more people hired which puts more money back into the economy… AND tax coffers.

      I hope this clears things up in a bit more detail for you.

  6. rbgh says:

    umm… there is an american flag behind obama. look over his right shoulder, on the wall.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Yes it is the schoolroom wall flag and it’s a good distance behind Obama. Not exactly the kind of impact a large floor-standing flag directly behind the President makes. I just find it rather odd that he makes an issue of making sure he’s got the Presidential podium, Presidential rug and teleprompter, yet the flag is apparently an afterthought.

  7. misterdregs says:

    In fairness, BHO had the full lectern and teleprompter set-up for the press time after he talked to the kids, if I recall correctly.

    Pretty pathetic that he needs the POTUS to read a prepared statement before taking questions, but it’s not (quite) as bad as it looks.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      And yet, “Bush the horrible” didn’t seem to require a podium and teleprompter for HIS appearances. And you’d best believe there was press there as well.

      And God knows how badly Bush needed a teleprompter when speaking in public. Scratch that. Sometimes even that didn’t help. Bush was a lot of things, but good public speaker wasn’t one of them!