U.S. Geography Fail


This is by no means intended to make light of the victims of the Chilean earthquake, but really! Shouldn’t these anchors know where the various U.S. states are?

No wonder even CNN is tanking.



12 Responses to U.S. Geography Fail

  1. Rich “Manslaughter” Sanchez is a moron.

  2. Annie Wright says:

    I suspect ’tis but a cheap jibe…
    When I went on the CNN studio tour in Atlanta, GA a few years back we were shown that the presenters perform in front of a blue backdrop and the maps are added elecronically…
    You need to look sideways into a monitor to see the pix the viewer is seeing…It’s easy to get the direction wrong…

  3. Gerry Ashley says:

    Actually, I used to date a woman who was a meteorologist, and no… it’s NOT that hard. I’ve been on the set and at ANY time, they can see the composite screen just off-camera.

    In any event, there’s no excuse for any professional (CNN does hire professionals, don’t they?) weatherman or woman to point to something directly off the coast of South America, due west of Chile and Peru and declare that Hawaii. Come on… it’s OBVIOUSLY Rhode Island!

    • Annie Wright says:

      Let’s say we split the difference at ‘Going Rogue’ Island and pray the US never, ever gets a President who can see Russia from her house!

  4. the Other Ken says:

    Here’s more on the same subject from RWN.

    Just Because I Loathe CNN’s Rick Sanchez

  5. the Other Ken says:

    Oops! Got my tags wrong!

    Just Because I Loathe CNN’s Rick Sanchez

  6. Annie says:

    There’s only a two-letter change from PALIN to PUTIN!
    Be careful what you wish for…You may have to grin and (Russian) BEAR it!

    • Stoutcat says:

      Annie, I guess the entire country learned that lesson a little too well when Barack Obama was elected, no?

      • Annie says:

        I was thinking of the 2012 US Presidential election.
        It seems to me that President Obama has not yet fulfilled his campaign promise. (Note: ‘promise’ not ‘promises’)…
        Normally the incoming President has 18 months to make an impact before the electioneering starts for the midterms to be more certain but the election result for Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat has not given good portents for the Democrats…
        Former Governor Palin now has national exposure on Fox News, she is an acknowledged GOP leader, draws crowds and has a good chance of standing against President Obama. If the Rightwing continues to strengthen its support her candidacy could well make it a close fight.
        But what do I know, I’m only a Brit…

      • Stoutcat says:

        Annie, I figured you were referring to 2012; I was just kidding, sort of. In retrospect, the 2008 election is turning into a disaster of epic proportions for the Dems. No matter how you slice it, they’re failing badly at pretty much everything they try.

        And with the health care bill looming, the funny thing is that if it passes, the Dems are doomed because it was rammed down our throats against the very vocal and well-publicized will of the people. Yet if it doesn’t pass, the Dems are again doomed, because a) they weren’t liberal enough with the legislation or b) they weren’t moderate enough with the legislation.

        They’re pretty much screwed no matter which scenario plays out. Most of them are only thinking as far ahead as November. Very few are looking at 2012 yet, except perhaps for Obama and Hillary Clinton.

        Palin has plenty of time to make up her mind whether or not to run. She’s not going to make a hasty decision.

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