United Airlines Trilogy Ends On A High Note

It’s the video millions of people around the world have eagerly anticipated. And it delivers the goods! It’s the third – and final – song of the United Breaks Guitars trilogy by Canadian Singer/Songwriter Dave Carroll.

It was launched with a gala Interactive Webcast the introduced the video before Carroll took questions from the local audience as well as those watching from around the world via the Internet.

The video features some of the best bluegrass musicians around hand-picked by Carroll himself. Grand Rants is proud to have been chosen by Dave for an exclusive interview which you can read here. But before you do, sit back and enjoy some fine pickin’ and singin’ as it’s David VS “Goliath Airlines” one last time. Presenting…

 “United We Stand (On The Right Side Of Right)” 

Note: For more Grand Rants articles on Dave, just type “Dave Carroll” in the “Search” box which is to the right of the title line of this article. 

Gerry Ashley

5 Responses to United Airlines Trilogy Ends On A High Note

  1. […] United Airlines Trilogy Ends On A High Note […]

  2. […] Videos number two and three are now available here on Grand Rants as well as an exclusive interview.  Click on the links above […]

  3. […] Videos number one and three are also available here on Grand Rants as well as Dave’s exclusive interview with Gerry […]

  4. Emma says:

    I really appreciate the way Dave Carroll handled this whole situation with UAL. I have learned a lot through watching his videos and interviews. I now approach conflict in a much better way. Additionally, this third video is fantastic!! Dare I say, my favourite of the trilogy. Great music and very entertaining visuals! Thank you Grand Rants for keeping us informed.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Emma. I’ll pass that along to Dave who, I’m sure, will be very pleased to hear your complements.

      I agree, by the way… Dave gave an outstanding example of how to handle conflict. And I think you will be seeing a lot more use of the various “Social networking” to address consumer issues as a result of Dave’s success with United situation.

      Perhaps most important: If you look at how this whole thing played out, it’s a win-win scenario IF UNITED GETS ITS ACT TOGETHER. Everyone will win… Travelers, The airlines. Dave has tapped into something extroadinary and was wise enough to see the potential for GOOD. I applaud his mature approach to this (not to mention a good does of great music and humor). This is why I thought it important for Grand Rants to get involved and help publicize Dave’s efforts.

      Thanks again for taking the time to provide your thoughts here.

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