This Week: Exclusive Interview With Dave Carroll

Popular Singer Concludes “United Breaks Guitars” Trilogy With YouTube Release And An Exclusive Interview With Grand Rants

Grand Rants is honored and excited to announce that, coming this week, we will feature an exclusive one-on-one interview with popular Canadian singer/songwriter Dave Carroll as he releases the third and final video in the United Breaks Guitars trilogy. The Interview will be posted Monday, March 1st, 2010, and will be modified   on Tuesday to include the video as the video is released on Youtube. For those of you who may have missed the first two videos, they can be seen below.

“United Breaks Guitars” (song #1) ended up as one of the most viewed Youtube videos of the year garnering over one million hits in its first week.. The catchy country tune chronicled the misfortune suffered by Carroll, whose guitar was broken by United Airline baggage handlers while he was on a flight from Nova Scotia to a show in Nebraska.  While the first “United Breaks Guitars” video was what brought Carroll to the attention of the world, it’s his talent that has sustained (and furthered) interest in his music world-wide.

The video marked the first in what would become a trilogy. The first two videos in the trilogy have been viewed by nearly 10 million viewers and have made Carroll one of the fastest rising stars on the music scene today.

The second video was launched in August and now, on Tuesday, March 2nd, the trilogy completes as Dave releases the third and final video.In the interim, Dave has seen his solo career skyrocket, something he discusses in the interview along with insight you will only find here.

Grand Rants cordially invites you to join us as Dave speaks with me candidly about his musical roots with his brother Don and their group, “Sons of Maxwell” and now, his blossoming solo career and his stunning debut album, “Perfect Blue.” As you will quickly discover, there’s more to Dave Carroll than “United Breaks Guitars”… a lot more. The gifted singer and composer fills us in on not only his background, but where he’s headed. There’s a few surprises and twists that you won’t want to miss.

Again, for those of you who may not be familiar with Dave’s music and the “United” debacle, you can view the first two videos in the trilogy here:

United Breaks Guitars Song #1

United Breaks Guitars Song #2

Be sure to stay tuned right here on Grand Rants. The interview will be posted Monday, March 1st. And when “United Breaks Guitars – The Finale” is launched on Tuesday, you can also see it right here on Grand Rants.

H/T to Dave Carroll

Gerry Ashley

2 Responses to This Week: Exclusive Interview With Dave Carroll

  1. Kitty Darst says:

    LOVE SOM and Dave Carroll, but wish he wouldn’t do interviews with idiots who claim that Obama has a failed presidency. . .

    • Gerry Ashley says:


      Thanks for your reply. The secret is to separate one from the other. Obviously, you’re an Obama fan. That doesn’t stop me from appreciating (or valuing) you as a person with fine taste in music. It means we would certainly argue about politics.

      So if you and I should ever meet, I’m sure I’d enjoy talking with you about Dave’s music.

      If you are having trouble separating the two sides of me, think of it this way: I have no idea what Dave Carroll’s politics are, nor do I care. Nowhere in the many discussions I’ve had with him did we ever discuss politics. Why? Because my business with him (and now, I’m happy to say, my friendship) was based on his music, sharing his story with our readers and my deep appreciation of him as a musician and lyricist.

      I’m sure I could find something to appreciate equally in you and would not feel a need to resort to referring to you as an “idiot” who thinks Obama is good for the country.

      But that brings up an interesting point: I find that liberals/Obama supporters find it almost impossible to be civil towards those who don’t agree with them. If we’re not Obama zombies, we must be racist or idiots. Neither is the case, I assure you. If you’d like to discuss the pros and cons of Barack Obama. let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige.

      In the meantime, why not just mutually enjoy the marvelous talent that is Dave Carroll and respect that he can be friends with someone totally regardless of his or her politics? If we can all do the same, we would all enjoy our lives more and maybe find common ground.

      Thanks again for your reply.

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