Liz Cheney’s Arm-Candy Surprise


Back in May of last year, blog pal Sissy Willis observed that former VP Dick Cheney was the ultimate antidote to Obama. She was correct last May, and based on the response from the CPAC audience, I’d say she’s still correct.

“I think Barack Obama is a one-term president.”

Handsome, direct, smart, succinct, conservative: what’s not to love?



2 Responses to Liz Cheney’s Arm-Candy Surprise

  1. Sissy Willis says:

    Nice post. Thanks for the link. You may also enjoy this:

    Don’t mess with my Dick!

    Another great antidote to Obama who spoke at CPAC today: Michigan Rep Thaddeus McCotter, brilliant, deadpan, a sheer joy.

  2. sisu says:

    “Cheney has emerged as the ultimate antidote to Obama”…

    “How much do we love Cheney? Thiiiiis much!” twittered blog buddy Stoutcat of Grand Rants amidst the cacophony of 140-or-fewer-character sound bites that filled the twittersphere with song yesterday. (Unattributed photo from All American Patriots) “…

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