Showdown In Tehran – Islam Makes Its Move?

Tehran Iran 2/11/2010 (Source: AP)

Protests Turning Violent In Tehran (from Fox News)
Iran Shuts Down Gmail, Announces National E-Mail Service (From Fox News)

Tuesday, February 11, 2010

As I write this 12:45am Eastern Standard Time) morning has already dawned in Tehran, Iran. February 11th is the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. But this year, the fireworks may just be real.  For those of you who aren’t sure what I’m referring to, from AtlasShruggs:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says the nation will deliver a harsh blow to the “global arrogance” on this year’s anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

Ah yes, Islam, the religion of peace…

Ahmadinejad said that in the three decades of its history, the Islamic Revolution had inspired some great developments in the world.
Yes, honor killings, cliterectomies, and gay executions  and promised Jewish genocide, Christian persecution, religious intolerance.

The Iranian president made the remarks as the 31st anniversary of the Islamic Revolution approaches.

Iranians are expected to pour into the streets on February 11 to celebrate the occasion in public rallies across the country, as they have done annually over the past three decades.

Iranians in the streets? Expect blood and executions from this “window to liberty.”

Indeed. Maryam Namazie, a Coordinator for Iran Solidarity, Based in London, UK writes on

Dear friend

February 11 or 22 Bahman is the anniversary of the 1979 Iranian revolution – a left-leaning revolution against the Shah and for freedom and prosperity, which was crushed by the Islamic movement.

But since history is written by the victors, this failed revolution is often called an ‘Islamic’ one. And every year, on this day, the Islamic regime of Iran holds commemorative rallies to mark ‘its’ day.

But not this time.

This time, the tide has turned and on Thursday 11 February 2010 the people in Iran and those standing in solidarity with them across the globe will come out in their millions to reclaim history and push forward the present-day revolutionary movement that aims to end 30 years of Islamic medievalism and drag Iran into the 21st century.

‘…If history is the story of change, then real history is the history of the undefeated – the history of the movement and people who still want and are struggling for change, the history of those who are not willing to bury their ideals and hopes of a human society, the history of people and movements that are not at liberty of choosing their principles and aims and have no choice but to strive for improvements…’ (Mansoor Hekmat, The History of the Undefeated,

On 11 February and everyday until we are rid of this vile regime, join us and be part of real human history in the making…

Warm wishes,


With a mad man (Ahmadinejad) racing to collect nuclear weapons and constantly threatening the existence of Israel, we sometimes forget that Iran is a nation of people who have built a solidarity movement towards returning to democracy. The prediction is that they will take a stand against Ahmadinejad and in favor of democracy on this anniversary. This was the kind of call America used to answer either openly or covertly. Not so, under the current administration. And this is what we’ve come to.

Wild claims that Iran will “stun world powers”during this week’s 31st Annverary  of the Islamic Revolution have been floating from the mouths of Ahmadinejad as well as Irans Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“The Iranian nation, with its unity and God’s grace, will punch the arrogance (Western powers) on the 22nd of Bahman, February 11, in a way that will leave them stunned.” Khamenei, who is also Iran’s commander-in-chief, told a gathering of air force personnel according to AFP.

What, then, is this new threat from Ahmadinejad and Khamenei?  By the time most people read this, we may have the answer.

Meanwhile, does anyone know which Barack Obama will be in the oval office to respond if and when something major does happen?

  • Will it be the foreign relations neophyte who thought he could apologize his way into the hearts of our enemies only to embolden them and have them laugh at him for being weak?
  • Or will it the Barack Obama I refer to as the “Male Model” (because posing  seems to be his biggest talent). This Obama makes the tough sounding speech, but then fails to act on his words, further damaging the image of the country.

I liked it better when we had a President we knew to be on our side; one who would not hesitate to defend the Constitution at ALL costs. Not systematically try to dismantle it. So for the record, yes, I DO miss George W. Bush. More than that, however, I wish Ronald Reagan were still leading this country.

What lies ahead today regarding Iran? It’s anybody’s guess, but It’s likely to be a brutal day, at least for the civilian population of Iran. And my guess is that the 80 pound peace-keeping gorilla known as the United States will, under Barack Obama, simply vote “Present.”

Brace yourselves.

Gerry Ashley


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