Doctor Zero’s Answer to Socialism

Doctor Zero has published another tour de force today, entitled “The Answer to Socialism.” With the nation’s financial systems teetering on the brink of collapse (as we have written about again and again), the good Doctor believes that we can weather this crisis and begin to turn things around in relatively short order.

In his article, Doc Zero not only eviscerates the concept of socialism as a beneficial force while enumerating its many sins, he also proposes the antidote for it, in the form of unbridled capitalism in all its glory, along with a dramatic transfer of power from federal to state level, and a drastic dose of belt-tightening, especially of social programs so beloved by liberals, such as PBS and NPR, in order to get through the rest of this financial crisis and put America back on her proper path. He also attempts to remove the rose-colored glasses from the eyes of those who see socialism as the achievement of great dreams:

Socialism is an object of romance from its devotees. It invites them to join an epic tale of mighty statesmen solving the problems of society with noble laws, and encourages them to turn their back on the small-minded pursuit of filthy money. The Left loves to talk about the pursuit of dreams as the highest human aspiration… and since everything it proposes is presented as a dream, how can any high-minded person raise grubby practical objections? In matters affecting the millions of lives, and the disposition of trillions of dollars, we cannot afford romantic notions. Only hard, cold logic is acceptable.

He goes on to enumerate why hard, cold logic (in the form of our keeping our own hard, cold cash) is actually a good thing (in case you didn’t already know):

The truth is that money is not an evil toxic sludge, whose stain the Left works to scour from our souls. Money is the mechanism that allows you to spend your time doing what you’re best at – which produces wealth, the same way a lever amplifies muscle to move great weights. You spend the money you earn each day on a range of products you couldn’t possibly create for yourself. You probably couldn’t create a decent pair of shoes in the hours it takes you to earn enough money to purchase them. You definitely couldn’t cobble a computer system together from nothing but raw materials, in the time it takes you to earn a thousand dollars and buy one. This is the genesis of wealth: the freedom enjoyed by people when the value of their time can be measured and traded through currency…

…Industries the government has painfully failed at running, such as Amtrak, should be handed off to private-sector businessmen who can make them work – or put them out of their misery. Ridiculous extravagances like the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, whose services were already privatized years ago, should be eliminated at once. Sorry, liberals, but if we need to rack up a $14 trillion national debt, we certainly can’t afford to fund NPR and PBS any more. A government characterized by uncontrolled deficit spending has lost all moral and reasoned claims to run any business that could be tackled by the private sector. It shouldn’t be allowed to pour tax dollars into statist live-action role playing games like Americorps, either. Privatization is the only way to prevent the collapse of the unsustainable Social Security and Medicare entitlements.

If you read nothing else this entire week, read this piece and share it with everyone you know. If we want to get America back on track and prevent future generations from inheriting a staggering and untenable burden of debt, here is the call to action, and the roadmap to success.



6 Responses to Doctor Zero’s Answer to Socialism

  1. the other Ken says:

    From the link:

    If there will always be people who grow rich and powerful through their ambitions, it’s much more sensible to embrace a free-market system, where ambition produces value.

    The sheer amount of common sense in this statement is incredible.

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  3. Tom says:

    Stoutcat, I can’t begin to thank you enough for this rant that highlighted the work of Doctor Zero. His post is a real treasure, and should be required reading for anybody who wants to call themselves informed. So, too, by the way, Grand Rants. Keep up the great work.

  4. Could this really work out for the economic problems of America? Is this the right solution to the problem? Like all other possible solutions, there is really no guarantee. I am not very sure about privatization of companies but if we really want to solve the economic problems of this country then more ideas are needed.

  5. Tom says:

    Mark @ Israel,
    “I am not very sure about privatization of companies but if we really want to solve the economic problems of this country then more ideas are needed.” Are you serious? Perhaps you want to rethink that line?

    It is government meddling into what should be the private sector that has caused nearly every significant problem we face today. The inherent beauty of the US Constitution was the built in limitations to federal power as recognized by the framers who had lived under English law all of their lives. They knew firsthand that government by, of, and for the people would be government that governed as little as possible, and did, in fact, explicitly enumerate those powers, saying that all others reverted to the states and the people.

    Contrast that with the current involvement of government in nearly every aspect of our lives, taking well over 50% of our earnings (city, county, state and federal), and mucking about in all sorts of things that are not part of the enumerated powers, and you question whether privatization might be an answer?

    Whatever it might be that you fear, privatization should not be on the list. Private companies are naturally held in rein by the people who exercise their choices to patronize those companies based on their performance. Good service or products, offered at fair rates, more customers. Bad service or products, offered at any rate, less customers.

    About the only things that big government does well is collect taxes, wage war, and oppress their populations. All being very good reasons to want as little of it as possible, and to keep watch on it always.

    Whatever failings might occur by private attempts to provide something that the government now does would be paltry in comparison to government failure. We know how to fix private problems. It is government problems that become “too big to fail”, leading us down the path of throwing good money after bad.

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