Dave Carroll: Changing Things One Song At A Time

If you’re a regular reader here at Grand Rants, you know that we’ve followed the adventures of our Canadian friend, singer/songwriter Dave Carroll this past year. Carroll used his considerable singing and songwriting talent along with humor and a bit of well-deserved sarcasm as he told the story (through music videos posted on YouTube) of how United Airlines damaged his $3,500 Taylor Guitar, then stonewalled him for a year, refusing to pay for the repairs. For those of you who are not aware of the story, please click here and here for our previous coverage and a look at the first two videos. It’s definitely worth the view.

The videos struck a chord with the public, went viral and resulted in United’s stock plummeting by 10% ($180 Million).

Carroll promised three videos and is about to release the third and final song in the trilogy.

I’m pleased to announce that Dave has agreed to an exclusive interview with Grand Rants and that interview will be posted on the day the third video is posted on Youtube. Currently, that is expected to be  March 1. Check back at Grand Rants for any changes on this.

In the meantime, Dave has been a busy fellow. In addition to launching his own solo career apart from Sons of Maxwell (the group he co-fronts with his brother Don), Dave has also started “Big Break Enterprises” which offers a complete line of services in the area of keynote speaking, developing compelling advertising or promotional campaigns, creating custom, inspiring songs for events and a complete line of support services for any and all of the aforementioned.  If you want to learn more about this effort, contact Big Break Enterprises.

And from the “Proof that God does, in fact, have a sense of humor” Department: Several months ago, Dave appeared at a conference on Customer Service held in Denver Colorado held by Right Now Technologies. The only flight available to get Dave there from his location in Canada was on United.

You guessed it: They lost his luggage. Fortunately, he brought his guitar as carry-on luggage and was able to perform, but had to wear the clothes he had on. United still apparently has a way to go.

Meanwhile, Dave has joined forces with Canadian TV stations who have been short-changed (literally) by the cable companies.  Enjoy this latest video from Dave as we count down the days until the final song of the United Trilogy is released along with the exclusive interview here on Grand Rants.

Note: For more Grand Rants articles on Dave, just type “Dave Carroll” in the “Search” box which is to the right of the title line of this article. 

Gerry Ashley


6 Responses to Dave Carroll: Changing Things One Song At A Time

  1. Tom says:

    United lost his luggage? You’ve got to be kidding? After the previous gaff, you would have thought United would have him on a permanent “no fly” list, or treat him like royalty, one or the other. But, like so many other bloated corporate entities, the incompetence just keeps on rolling along. Remind me never to “fly the friendly skies” again, will you?

    • Gerry says:

      Sure… I’ll fly United just as soon as Susan Boyle wins the Miss Universe title.

      And yes, Dave mentioned it himself. United lost his luggage. He eventually got it back, but not before he had to make his appearance before the conference. Guess what one of the first things was that he mentioned? Uh-huh…

      But the big news is that the United Baggage Handlers saw their shadow, so that means 6 more weeks of United jokes…

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  3. Kitty Darst says:

    GO. DAVE!

  4. Kitty Darst says:

    I like Song #3 best.

  5. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Stoutcat: Remember the “United Breaks Guitars” guy, Dave Carroll? Well, he’s back, and United song #3 will be out soon: http://bit.ly/aWZcYp

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