Shades of Roman Polanski

So it’s not just Hollywood.

It seems that a celebrated Provincetown resident is going to jail for child pornography. And P-Town residents are up in arms about it.

John Perry Ryan is scheduled to be sentenced in Braintree, VT, on Monday on three counts of transporting child pornography. In June of last year he plea bargained six counts down to three, while admitting guilt to emailing a variety of explicit child porn photos to several people.

The Cape Cod Times reports:

Prosecutors want Ryan to go to prison for 10 years and pay fines, followed by a lifetime of supervised release, according to court records. Prosecutors called him a “prolific” collector and trader of child pornography on whose home computer were found 24,000 images and nearly 150 videos. [emphasis mine] Ryan traded the images with the user name of “baitor.” The vast majority of the images and videos depict [if you really want to know go read the entire story, but I won’t publish it here], the records indicated…

“Defendant is an untreated sex offender,” said U.S. Attorney Tristram J. Coffin in court records. “He has minimized his conduct and offered little to no remorse for his crime.”

And yet. Letters of support for Ryan are pouring in from Provincetown: According to his supporters, he is “…a person who has dedicated his adult life to improving the lot of the least fortunate,”a man who is “fighting for people who had no voice,” and someone who “took extraordinary care of his mother.”

Please. That’s what Roman Polanski’s pals said, too. About Ryan, a supporter offered:

“I think the law in this area is a mess,” Wunsch said yesterday. “He may have done something wrong. But I don’t think this man would hurt anyone, let alone a child. Even if technically he violated the law, I think it’s the biggest waste of taxpayer money to imprison someone like this.”

Sounds suspiciously like Whoopi Goldberg’s ridiculous defense of Polanski, that “it wasn’t rape rape.”

What is the matter with these people? John Perry Ryan admitted to emailing explicit photos. He had over 20,000 child porn images and 150 videos on his home computer. I don’t care if he took care of his mother. This scumbag belongs in jail for a long long time.

I’d like to make sure that the notoriously bleeding heart state of Vermont hands down an appropriate sentence to Mr. Ryan instead of a slap on the wrist, which is what his supporters are clamoring for. Please make everyone aware of this story–let’s not allow a kiddie porn collector and distributor get away with it.



15 Responses to Shades of Roman Polanski

  1. Gerry Ashley says:

    There once was a time when a community would be outraged by the presence of a person like that. They would either administer “local justice” (I’m not saying that it’s right, but it’s fact) or they would )preferably) let the law run its due course and that would be that.

    Then, society changed to the point where you have people coming out of the woodwork to defend the accused, proving to the world that they too can suffer from denial.

    Fast forward to the era of “Hope & Change” politics and the fact is, we’ll be lucky if this guy DOESN’T end up in the Obama administration as Porn Czar or something equally dumb.

    Are you listening, Kevin Jennings?

  2. peter kenney says:

    I have met and spoken with John Perry Ryan when he was still living on Cape Cod, a “political activist” in Provincetown and had occasional difficulties with the law due to his fondness for civil disobedience. At one point when I was a radio talk show host Ryan wanted me to advance his cause during one of his rows with our then district Attorney.

    Ryan was always ready to accuse those who expected him to be peaceable and obey the same laws as everyone else of being anti-gay. The DA told me that he was prepared to dispose of a small case against Ryan and let him walk away with no penalty, but that on the day of the disposition hearing Ryan arrived at court drunk and rowdy. That whole incident somehow became yet another in the litany of hateful and homophobic attacks on Ryan.

    When John Perry Ryan left Cape Cod, bathed in the bluster of the gay crusader and victim, telling us one and all that he was going to a far better and more just place, we all felt relived. And, the tone of debate on Cape Cod quickly became more civil and, I believe , more productive.

    John Perry Ryan was a verbal bomb thrower; a vicious, gossipy, self centered, intellectually violent monster, part of the problem, not the solution.

    And now we know that he was truly a monster. It is shocking to hear of anyone supporting him as he faces sentencing. There is one simple and frightening thing all of John Perry Ryan’s supporters should realize: the children whose suffering he collected in photo and video images were not volunteers; they were victims of the most horrible crimes and he enjoyed witnessing their destruction. Being a willing audience for such heinous material is a crime of biblical proportions. Saving, collecting, savoring such depravity when those whose suffering it depicts are unwilling children is simply beyond the pale.

  3. Melanie says:

    I live in Provincetown, and worked with John at the beginning of the AIDS crisis. I sat with his lover Keith while he was dying of AIDS. I also have two kids. Knowing what I do about him now I can tell you that I wouldn’t let him anywhere near them. “Thought crime” (to quote our illustrious former selectman) indeed. But at least he’s been busted, convicted, and will suffer some consequences. The letters of support are bad enough, but did you happen to see who they’re from? Former superintendent of schools (charged first and foremost with protecting children); former head of COA and Health and Human Services (charged first and foremost with protecting public health); and afore-mentioned former Selectman (protecting the citizenry, anyone?) We who have kids here laugh with resignation about the fact that the dog park far outstrips the playgrounds in terms of amenities- the soccer field , a former landfill, is rife with methane pipes while the dog park sports sculpture and drinking fountains- but those letters send me over the edge. I’ve been seething about them since my girlfriend read the Cape Cod Times article to me an hour ago. I’ve been in Provincetown for almost thirty years, and I love the place, I really do. But when my friends ask me why we’re looking for a another place to raise our kids, I’m just going to show them that piece in the Cape Cod Times. I mean, come on.

    By the way: how another commenter turned this into an indictment of Obama is a terrificly ironic joke in and of itself. But that’s a comment for another day’s outrage.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Melanie, thanks for a personal look at this guy. If you’re leaving P-Town, consider Harwich, a great place to raise a family! 🙂

      As far as being an indictment of President Obama, you only have to look as far as the current “Safe Schools Czar” to understand where Gerry’s coming from.

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