I Was Wrong About Obama


I confess. I was utterly wrong. I listened to those around me and believed them. Everyone said President Obama was an intelligent man. So smart. So savvy. Harvard-educated. I believed them, and I was wrong. I really hate to say this, but our president is an idiot.

At this morning’s National Prayer Breakfast, the president spoke, and after giving shout-outs to the various guests using questionable grammar, he launched into a talk that began beautifully: eloquent, soaring, euphonious. But it all came clattering and clanking down after the first few minutes. See if you can find the gaffes:

Navy corpse-man? Corpse-man? Is this man a moron? Did nobody listen to him rehearse? Did he rehearse at all? This was obviously not a slip of the tongue. He says “corpse-man” twice during this clip; he goes on to say it once again a minute or so later. (Full audio of speech here.)

Also, what is the name of this virtuous corpsman? Is it Christian? Or is it Christopher? Perhaps Obama should have left it at “Chris”. That was it for me. I’m sure it was a very good speech, but I just couldn’t take any more of it.

I really thought Obama was an intelligent man. I was wrong. The President is an idiot.


H/T: RightOnline at FR

34 Responses to I Was Wrong About Obama

  1. Lance Samson says:

    A mispronunciation makes someone an idiot?


    • Stoutcat says:

      When you’re the Commander in Chief, you’d damn well better know how to pronounce military words… no matter how difficult they are. If you’re not sure, you could always ask one of the Joint Chiefs how to say it. I think it’s disgraceful.

    • lucy says:

      Yes, mispronunication makes someone an idiot. I believe this belief was started by liberals during Bush’s administration.

  2. Robbins Mitchell says:

    Better late than never I guess,Stoutcat…no doubt the boy has also never heard of the White House Press Corpse,or the Marine Corpse,or the 17th Airborne Corpse.or the Drum & Bugle Corpse,or the Peace Corpse,or the Job Corpse,or the Lewis & Clark Corpse of Discovery…still think he is a ‘native born American’?

  3. Chris says:

    We tried to tell you that, but you wouldn’t listen.

  4. KansasGirl says:

    Not only were you wrong about O being intelligent, you’re wrong about your intelligence. Your kind have caused so much harm to this country I can’t stomach your excuses.

    • Gerry Ashley says:


      You wrote: “Your kind have caused so much harm to this country I can’t stomach your excuses.”

      Perhaps you could be a little more specific than just throwing out scattershot invectives? (I’ll wait while you look that up).

      Imagine what a field day many liberals would have if a conservative used a term like “Your kind” to begin a sentence of condemnation. We’d instantly be labeled “racist,” “hater” or “prejudiced” against all of “whover” is the subject of the rest of the sentence. But it’s apparently OK for libs to do it. Typical dual standard used by many libs.

      But, just for the record, what kind of harm have “your kind” caused for the country? And just who do you define as “your kind?”

      If you’re referring to the writers here at Grand Rants let me pose a few questions:

      1.) Are WE the ones who completely REFUSE to acknowledge the fact that this country is headed for financial doomsday in a few years? Let’s see now… nope. We are aware of it and we’ve discussed it here numerous times.

      2.) Are WE the ones who refused to acknowledge that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (along with dumber-than-dirt Carter administration who introduced this mess and the strong-armed tactics of the Clinton Administration who strapped a turbo-charger on it) are really at the core of the economic problem? Let me check… Nope. We’ve covered that a number of times. Provided facts and figures if you care to check.

      3.) Are WE the ones who cannot face the truth and admit it when someone on our side of the political fence screws up and is responsible for some of the problems we have in this country? Uh, nope. That would be the Obama camp. We’ve criticized Bush 43 NUMEROUS times for his failure to guard our borders (the same way Bush 41 and then Clinton before Bush 43). No, when we find a politician making bad judgement or failing to defend and protect America, WE discuss it here for the world to see. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Congressman or POTUS.

      4.) Are WE the ones who choose to throw out insults but can’t be bothered to check our facts before doing so? Nope that seems to be the playing fields of uh… YOUR KIND. And by “your kind,” I refer to those I’ve described in this paragraph… just so there’s no misunderstanding.

      Keep this in mind: We take our work and our research very seriously here. If you wish to disagree with a position we take, that’s fine. We welcome opposing views as long as you have something intelligent to add to the conversation and something to back up your position. But if all you know how to do is hurl generic insults, please don’t waste your time… or our readers. Come back when you actually have game. We’ll wait. Then again… NEXT?

    • Stoutcat says:

      Yes, KansasGirl, please elaborate on what “my kind” is. And tell me what harm my kind has done to the country, other than trying to protect America and the Constitution?

      • KansasGirl says:

        Stoutcat, “your kind” is anyone that thought this maniac is intelligent. Does this answer your question?

    • Stoutcat says:

      Yep, sure does! I’m an optimist, and while I never in a million years would have voted for him — not because he’s half black, mind you, but because of his inexperience, his policies, and his friends and associates — I did hope that he had gotten as far as he had via some smarts… Clearly I was wrong, and his idiotic mistakes during the Prayer Breakfast were the last straws for me. Doesn’t mean I was previously an Obama supporter and have now changed my mind. I’m not, and I haven’t. I just finally realized that besides all that other stuff, he’s stupid.

  5. Gerry Ashley says:

    Barack Obama is an Idiot Savant… without the Savant part.

  6. wakino says:

    I`m not from the US, but even I could see through the man in the empty suit.

  7. Stoutcat says:

    Hey, I never said I voted for the man, or that I approve of what he’s doing to America. I didn’t and I don’t. But I did think he was intelligent. Of course we have no history of his performance in college or beyond, so I was basing my opinion on the hype of hope, so that’s my bad.

    In instance after instance, beginning with the 57 states he visited on his campaign right up until now, I really hoped he was as smart as his supporters insisted he was… But no more.

    I really do hate to say it, but my conclusion (and the kindest conclusion, at that) is that President Obama truly is rather stupid.

  8. Captain Steve says:

    No wonder he’s hidden all his college records. They probably prove he’s a dummy and a fraud.

    I still want to see his birth certificate too!

  9. Barack Hussein “57 States” Obama an idiot? No way! Just ask Van Jones…

  10. brandy2424 says:

    An interesting post! it is a lapse on the part of President Obama unable to pronounce and unaware of the ranks of the very people who promised to protect our country. On the other hand President Obama is only human and is allowed to make mistakes. Let this be a wake up call to him though that his every movement is being monitored, and as the president he should be more conscious and well oriented specially on sensitive topics like the military.

    • Stoutcat says:

      Brandy, that’s a very well-written opinion, and I commend you for it. However, as a commenter pointed out above, has he never even heard of the Peace Corps? The Marine Corps? Esprit de corps?

      Nope, I’m done giving President Obama the benefit of the doubt. And I’m also done with his staff, not one of whom corrected his mis-pronunciation during any rehearsals he may have had. Either they didn’t know (BAD), they were afraid to speak up (BAD), or they didn’t care (BAD). Or he never rehearsed (also BAD).

      I’m done hoping he’s smarter than he seems. He’s not.

  11. Birdseed anarchist says:

    I hope we have a couple of years ’till financial doomsday, I don’t know, it may be a couple of months the way things are going. The world is finally pulling it’s head out of the sand and looking at the debt situation for what it is- a disaster.

    • Gerry Ashley says:

      I’m actually dumbfounded and in shock as I sit here and realize that we are, in all likelihood, observing the last months (hopefully years, but I seriously doubt it) of life as we have known it in America.

      I sometimes sit in wonder of the Obamanites who are so completely absorbed by their hatred of George Bush that they are completely oblivious to incompetence of Barack Obama. Their tunnel vision is so overwhelming, it keeps them from being aware that rather than taking steps to SAVE America, Obama is gleefully steering towards the cliff at full speed. I sometimes believe those folks who insist he purposely INTENDS to take us off the cliff, Thelma & Louise style so he can force us into a complete socialist state.

      But then I realize, “then again, maybe he really IS that stupid and inexperienced.”

      I think the truth is somewhere in between. What does it matter if the destination is the same? The bottom line is he doesn’t have the brains OR the desire to avoid what’s coming at us. All we can do is put our tray tables and seatbacks back into the full upright position and BRACE FOR IMPACT!!”

      Sure with Capt. Sullenberger was flying this plane right now…

  12. KansasGirl says:

    I will question anyone on this site that ever thought zero is intelligent. How in the world could you come to that conclusion? Please, show me your proof for this.

    • Stoutcat says:

      I have no proof, but let’s just say I hoped he was intelligent. Carrying the baggage of inexperience, socialist tendencies, and scary associates, I figured he must have something going for him… He had a good pedigree: Punahou, Harvard Law, University of Chicago. Even affirmative action candidates need to show some intellectual capabilities (unless they’re athletes…).

      So yes, I based a judgement on hope rather than proof and I was wrong.

      Good thing I didn’t actually vote for him!

  13. jon says:

    And GW Bush was sooooo eloquent.

  14. the other Ken says:

    None of this would reverberate as it is if the left hadn’t made a point of claiming the intellectual high ground as they have for so many years.

    Lucy, this has been going on long before President Bush took office.

    Here are some examples: Reagan was ridiculed for being an actor having once appeared in a movie with a chimpanzee. George Bush Sr. was mostly demonized for other things but his VP Dan Quayle became the poster boy for dopiness by the press. Much was made of John Kerry’s supposed intellectual superiority until his grades were (finally!) revealed to be not quite as impressive as Bush’s were at Harvard. And if you thought that the left might mellow once they had their guy in office then take note of the nasty and continuing sneer campaign being waged against Sarah Palin.

    These are the rules that were put in place by the left so let them live or die by them.

  15. Whatever says:

    Interesting thread. Just for the sake of argument, did you ever stop to consider the enormity of stress on any president and how the occasional verbal gaffe is bound to occur? Presidents speak daily to any number of people, let alone give regular speeches as part of their job description. Add to that exhaustion and the enormity of stress that any person would be under in the same job right now, and you’re going to have screw ups.

    Did you read the recent book on the 2008 campaign? (name escapes me–sorry, senior moment but I am intelligent). Sarah Palin kept saying O’Biden in the debate prep. I’m sure it was nerves, however, I’d still like to know what the woman actually reads on any given day. [And Fox News doesn’t count.]

    I know you are trying hard to be the blog equivalent of Limbaugh or Beck, but saying Obama isn’t intelligent is highly ignorant of you and just makes you look silly, like they do. Policy wonk? Overwhelmed? Not in touch with those who elected him (or didn’t)? Well, maybe. But the guy gets a lot of credit in my book for trying hard against enormous, often unfounded, derision as well as keeping his cool.

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