Bin Laden Endorses Al Gore On Global Warming

Osama Bin Laden Endorsing Al Gore For Global Warming Czar

You know things aren’t going well when you wake up in the morning to find that the newest “celebrity endorser” for your elaborate global warming scam turns out to be Osama Bin Laden. The audio tape announcing the support  has been verified as Bin Laden’s voice.

But that’s Al Gore’s lot in life. Visions of becoming President by riding Bill Clinton’s coattails went up in smoke when America decided they had had enough of the Philanderer-In-Chief.

Now, visions of becoming a Billionaire are in doubt. Week after week, we are finding that more and more of the global warming data Gore relied on to make his movie “An Incovenient Truth” turned out to be heavily falsified. In short, Al Gore Lied to propagate his Global Warming scam.

Weather patterns over the past ten years are actually showing a return to normal after a 10 year stretch of slightly above. Bad news if you’re a global warming guru, poised to make billions on the sale of Carbon Credits.

And now, his biggest supporter is Osama Bin Laden.

There really IS a God, ladies and gentlemen. And, as it so happens, God has a sense of humor.

Gore was unavailable for comment, but an aid, speaking on the conditions of anonymity said Gore will address the falsified data and the Bin Laden endorsement at his Global Warming Seminar in Virginia this weekend.

A second endorsement is expected shortly from North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.



Hope & Strange

The Al Gore Global Warming Seminar, scheduled for Saturday in Richmond, Virginia has been cancelled due to the expected blizzard which is forecast to hit that state and be the largest snowstorm to hit that state in the past 20 years.  Gore’s staff is looking at rescheduling the conference… perhaps in August.

Gerry Ashley

12 Responses to Bin Laden Endorses Al Gore On Global Warming

  1. Drew says:

    Heaven forbid we clean up the environment for nothing. Global dimming due to contaminants cause global cooling. We are messing the environment up beyond repair, regardless we need to fix our mistakes before we lose all green left on the planet.

  2. Mr. Xyz says:

    This spoof of climate science may be of interest:

  3. the other Ken says:

    We should clean up the environment Drew, as much as we can and keep it that way. I don’t think that you’ll find much objection to that. The problems arise when you ask us to destroy our economy (what’s left of it) in the name of junk science or to help make a bunch of liars rich off of their deceptions. No thanks, Drew, we’re not that gullible.

  4. mRvERTIGO27 says:

    Oh, heaven forbid we use proper terminology like “Climate change” that might lead people to believe that we as Americans are doing the right thing. How dare we try to lessen our dependence on foreign oil, or leave less of a mess for our children for that matter. While your denying this just stack your trash along the walls of your house or appartment, dont take it out, just let it sit there and rot until you leave that house for your children, maybe, just maybe, they’ll have somewhere decent to live… by your logic anyway.

    Speaking of logic, what is yours here, the earth is so big that there is nothing that I can do to change it. Its too big for the human population to make ANY impact on? WOW sounds like the logic of a child to me. Please grow up and realize that whether you believe it or not or whether you see it or not, small things do infact have an effect on how our world works, and if you add enough small things together it can

    • Stoutcat says:

      Uh oh! MrVertigo didn’t finish his last cliched statement. Maybe a polar bear got to him. But in case he’s still lurking around here, I’ll take a crack at it.

      MrVertigo, you’re making an awful lot of sweeping statements…

      I don’t see anyone here suggesting that dependence on foreign oil is a good thing. In fact, most of us believe that our own cleaner drilling technology, used in our own inland, coastal, and off-shore oil resources, will dramatically lessen our dependence on foreign oil, and provide a reasonable stop-gap energy resource that can bridge the gap between the use of fossil fuels and other, cleaner fuels (most notably, nuclear power).

      Not sure where you’re going with the “don’t take out the trash” meme. Most conservatives conserve. We do little things like recycle, take public transportation, drive fuel-efficient cars, and stuff like that. We do big things like planning for our childrens’ future, and wanting to leave them the best possible world, and the financial means to live in it. We’re really just like regular people.

      But we don’t make a religion out of something that is not, er, a religion. Like the global warming scam. The earth has climate. It is sometimes warmer, sometimes cooler. Mostly lots cooler. Like ice age. But as far as I know, there is no set “optimum” temperature for the earth.

      Since you haven’t a clue what conservatives are all about (a hazard of hanging out at DKos and watching Olberman and Matthews) perhaps you’d like to stick around and learn a few things. We’d like to have you, and perhaps you can clarify what it was you were trying to say before the polar bear got you.

      • MrVertigo27 says:

        You have to be kidding me, the “conservative” group is doing nothing to lessen the effects of climate change. This group of swindlers would have you believe that nothing you do effects the world around you, thin king that your actions have no repercussions is such a self absorbed thought process!

        What is this about an optimum temperature? if our goal is to sustain our world as we know it we must do anything we can to lessen the impact on existing processes weather it be natural or inspired my our own actions, your in essence telling me throwing gas on a fire will not make it burn hotter! so who says there is only one temperature the world can exist at… I dont believe that was I infact I agreee that the temperature world wide can change and that eventually we will adapt, the only problem is that to admit this you as a right wing conservative would need to admit that evolution has merit, this is unlikly so I am sure that your floating cloud being will provide for you there. As a logical human being i can see that you optimum temperature argument you too have your doubts that there is infact a difference in temperature though we cant agree on a cause.

        Dependence on oil period is a bad thing not just foreign or domestic. If you doubt this just Google the word smog. Smog is the localisation of gasses that we are trying to prevent going into the air in the first place. Why is it conservatives are so hell bent on preventing the adoption of renewable energy? could it be that renewable energy is harder to tax if produced by the consumer? could it be that it is not in the interest of the wealthy? or maybe its because it does nothing to further republican propaganda that states that science is equal to voodoo. mmm, what planet do you live on that Nuclear power is a clean resource? pop quiz, what happens to the used cores after the powerplants are done with them? how long are they useful to them? how much more space is left at these facilities? how long before more are needed? what are the environmental drawbacks to these holding facilities? I am not saying that it will never be a more viable alternative but at this time the technology is not in place to use these cores to their full potential and that alone is dangerous.

        the dont take out the trash analogy was an attempt to get you to see that your own actions can and do have an effect on your environment,

        This next part is funny! conservatives are not known to conserve a darn thing! mainly because the right wing has the interests of big business at heart, and no or lax government regulation. without government regulation on carbon emissions, and other environmental concerns local water supplies would be far worse, air quality would be worse, there would be far less tax credits for companies that participate in efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle. and not to mention other left wing programs you all benefit from every day that go unseen by the ungrateful.

        really? from what I see it is you who needs an eye opener on the pure junk your party is spewing and how wrong your thought processes are. how blind can you be? how deluted can you possibly become after watching too much…. Fox News… Never mind I answered my own question, keep your “news network that has on many occasions been censured for being biased and publishing slanted facts or reporting opinion as fact.

      • Gerry Ashley says:

        Mr. Vertigo27…

        Thank you for exposing yourself. I thought of awarding you with the “Barking Moonbat” award but decided not to. Indeed, nothing I could respond with here could do a better job at illustrating your total lack of comprehension on the issue than your own words. You seem incapable of doing anything other than to regurgitate the talking points of the left (far, FAR left).

        I’ve read and re-read your responses and aside from your obvious inability to spell even simple contractions, you are also incapable of completing a sentence within a grammatical structure that makes clear that which you are (apparently) trying to convey. Translation: You are unable to articulate anything at higher than grade school level (fantastic example of the level of individuals being pumped out by our liberal school systems today, by the way).

        But even making exceptions for this, it appears the best you can bring to the table is to make broad, sweeping generalizations of all conservatives, then respond to those assumptions as if fact, and attack your opponent as if you had correctly defined them. This is the problem with many left wing nut-bags. It is also a technique commonly used by those too lazy to do any real research or has found the facts don’t support their agenda.

        You’ve chosen the wrong blog to try to pull that kind of ad hominem attack. We don’t subscribe to political correctness here. We document our work and stand behind it. Click on any of the blue links in my piece above for corroborating data to back up any of my statements (with the obvious exception of my satirical jabs at Mr. Global Warming). You offer NO proof of any of your claims, but merely use the same talking points found in the literature of the left (aka propaganda).

        If you wish to discuss any individual points, we’d be happy to do so. Point by point. Just come prepared to DOCUMENT your claims and to limp home with your claims in a garbage bag.

        None of the writers here claim to back the entire conservative position on issues. Why? Because although we do tend to approach things from the conservative perspective, each one of us has the capacity to research and examine the facts on each and every issue we write about and we make our stand on the facts… NOT some “official position sheet.” Sorry that’s all you are capable of doing. Indeed, there are a number of cases where we disagree with the position many conservatives may have.

        Please feel to come back at some point in the future when
        a.) You can write at a level higher than 4th grade
        b.) You can actually RESEARCH your information and document your sources of what you refer to as “facts”
        c.) You can state your case intelligently and avoid using talking points, sweeping generalizations and assumptions as facts, then basing your attack on your imaginary facts

        Until then, please experience your episodes of ideological diarrhea in private and maybe even ask your mentors to explain the big words to you.

      • mrvertigo27 says:

        Pardon me for tailoring my post to suit those who are foolish enough to dismiss a topic as real, and apparent as climate change. I would like to congratulate Gerry Ashley on pointing out my previous shortcomings. I will admit that I have failed to cite sources, I will also admit that my spelling and grammar are sometimes not the best; I am not a writer by trade and usually focus only on getting my point out there. I will take note of these points in the future and appreciate the advice.

        On to the reason for the post. I have been reading a lot of conservative literature as of late, propaganda if you will, and see no certifiable, credible, or justifiable reason to dismiss my views. I implore you, show me the way, guide me through this and show me this proof you hold, I would love to be wrong. I will continue checking back.

  5. MsHorizontal says:

    Anyone know who mRvERTIGO27 is addressing here?





  6. […] Finally (and this just has to really suck if you’re Al Gore), his Global Warming position was endorsed by non other than Osama Bin-Laden. Read my piece on that ringing endorsement here. […]

  7. Gerry Ashley says:

    Well, it only took Mr. Vertigo SEVEN MONTHS to formulate a reply(see above).

    He writes:
    “I will admit that I have failed to cite sources…”

    Good. Admitting there’s a problem is the first step towards resolving it.

    He adds:
    “I will also admit that my spelling and grammar are sometimes not the best; I am not a writer by trade and usually focus only on getting my point out there.”

    Ah, but don’t you think that your responses would appear to have a bit more credibility if you took time to make at least a little effort to see that your spelling and grammar were correct? We don’t grade people on their grammar and spelling, but when something is written as poorly as your previous post was, it’s hard to take the content as serious information from an intelligent responder. Especially when you contribute nothing to the conversation other than talking points you obviously picked up by listening to someone else. We engage in exchange of points of view here, but the only thing we ask is that someone who wishes to criticize or lay claim to an opposing view, back it with facts that they have researched and can link to.

    As to your comment imploring us to “show me this proof you hold…” ? Maybe you’re new to the Internet, but we provide ample links in our articles to our source of information. Hint: It’s the BLUE text in the articles. Just click on it and it will whisk you to the source.

    However, this discussion was over approximately 7 months ago. Since then, Gore has proven himself even MORE of a hypocrite regarding this whole Global Warming issue (Who’d have thought this was possible?). But he recently gave a speech in Gothenburg Sweden, chastizing those who waste energy and imploring how we all need to do our part to reduce our carbon footprints. Ironically, advance marketing of the event urged attendees to use some sort of public transportation to get to the event so as to do their share to help the environment. It wasn’t enough that Gore arrived in a private rental car, he illegally left it idling for the entire duration of his speech (over an hour).

    Then, rather than take the traditional invitation to ride by train to Oslo for a celebration, he opted to take a private jet. Maybe it was one of those new private jets that emits no carbon… oh wait, no. They don’t exist yet, do they? If you care to read the story, show us you know how to do a little research. Look it up.

    OK, now that you’ve proven you have the ability to research something, why not try doing that to support your position before you post?

    Oh, and try to be a little more timely next time if you would like to participate while anyone is still discussing the issue.

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